Product Updates

Privacy concept for fleets in electronic Logbook

Privacy concept for fleets in electronic Logbook

For our Electronic Logbook, we first developed the core process of trip documentation and integrated our CarSharing Kit and the OBD-plug.

Now we are on the verge of an official market launch and have integrated a permission concept, which is necessary for fleets. Admins can neither see (1) uncategorized trips nor (2) private trips of users.

In the meantime, product flyers and prices have also been defined. fleetster customers who already have CarSharing Kits installed can activate the electronic logbook for an additional 5€ per month.

Improved Penalty Management Details

Traffic offence details

Unfortunately, fleet management does not come without parking tickets and administrative offences. Especially with large fleets, one quickly loses the overview, especially if the process is not completely mapped out.

With the feature Penalty Management, fleetster has provided admins with a clear solution that supports the recording, forwarding and status of each administrative offence.

The latest product update now also allows the mapping of additional driver information and an improved categorization of infractions.

Geotab Hardware section

Geotab Vehicle List

A new section is now available for customers with the Geotab dongle. It provides an overview of all vehicles and devices in the company.

For customers using the Geotab interface, they can connect their existing account through the settings section in the fleetster geotab module.

Pulldown refresh in Mobile App lists

Pulldown refresh in Mobile App lists

Electronic logbook, booking list and vehicle list sections all support pull down to refresh as of this update.

Procurement Management

Procurement Management

Since the end of last year, we have been working on the functionalities of our fleet management software.

The procurement feature has now been completed as the next module in the fleet management package.

We're aiming to launch new functionalities in the fleet management area every month.

Integrated Geotab OBD and Traka Key Cabinet

Key cabinet with Geotab device

The Traka and Geotab hardware modules are now integrated and able to share information. Vehicles equiped with the Geotab OBD plug will provide mileage and fuel information which is no longer needed when return keys into the Traka electronic key cabinet.

Electric vehicle charge options for key return

Mobile key return charging options

Finishing a booking with an electric vehicle now allows the driver to specify the charging state and charger type.

Upgrade of Invers Bluetooth protocol

Bluetooth logo

The mobile app Bluetooth protocol for Invers communication has been rewritten from the ground up improving connection speed and reliability.

Improved Android startup time

fleetster's mobile app starting

The startup time of the fleetster Android application has been significantly improved by adjusting the encrypted storage communication protocol.

Usage type as part of web bicycle booking process

Booking calendar allowing the selection of a type of usage while booking a bike

Booking a bicycle through the fleetster web application now allows specifying the intended usage type (business, private or service).

Profile picture upload in mobile

The user profile from fleetster's mobile app showing the new image upload process

It is now possible for users to upload a profile picture through the mobile application.

Optimize database performance

The main database's performance drastic improvement

Through extensive research and analysis, the main database performance was drastically improved with no increase in the underlying hardware.

A thorough indexing strategy was applied across all relevant database collections based on the practical usage of the system for the past years. Growth patterns and future forecasting was integrated into the indexing design in order to account for the future state of the system.

These adjustments allow the database to handle a significantly higher volume of data and customers whilst providing top of the line performance.

Report damages during bookings

Damage button on an ongoing trip, and damage report

Until now, users were only able to add damages before the start or after a booking was completed. Through our user feedback feature in the app, we learned that damage documentation during the journey is desired by our customers. Thus, users of a Car Sharing system with an installed Car Sharing Kit can report damages directly during the trip.

This improvement is active for all accounts that use the damage management feature.