Product Updates

Service Bookings: Pricing rules and authorization structure for service providers

In Corporate Car Sharing there are 3 relevant booking types for pool vehicles:

Driving Licence verification via Car Sharing Kit

The driving licence verification is an option for customers with an installed Car Sharing Kit and RFID reader in the vehicle.

Improved overview with new side menu

At the end of 2020, we were primarily focused on the legal and tax requirements for an electronic logbook. Since the beginning of the year, we have been testing user-friendliness together with our customers. We have already implemented the first tips and adapted our menu navigation.

Driver Management

- New section for Fleet Management

New Feature: Driver Management

As you probably know, there will be new features and updates in fleet management, regularly from now on. The next feature we would like to present to you today supports fleet managers in managing drivers. With this, you will get a complete overview of your drivers and their information. This section will be particularly interesting against the background of direct communication with drivers in the app, which is also already in development.

Vehicle Digital File ability to change tires

- You can now document the multiple tires that your vehicle has

New Feature: Vehicle Groups

The Vehicle Groups feature allows administrators to manage complex permission and pricing rule combinations. This is especially valuable for large fleets because you can change prices and booking permissions for many 100 vehicles with just a few clicks. Existing customers with large pool vehicle fleets only need to categorize their vehicles into groups and can then manage them centrally.

Driver log export date popup

- You previously could only export a calendar year's worth of trips for your driver log

Improved data security: Deactivating the GPS signal while driving

Privacy and data protection

Digitally signed PDFs of the logbook

The first customers from Germany and Austria are already using the electronic Logbook. Among other things, the early adopter feedback has prompted us to make further improvements to the software. It is now possible to generate digitally signed PDFs. This technically ensures that the documents cannot be manipulated, which is essential for acceptance by the tax authorities.

Driver Log PDF Export for Tax Authorities

- New export is now available for the Driver Log in order for you to submit it to Tax Authorities

Service booking permission

- If the service booking feature is active you can now define the access rules in a per vehicle basis

Improved trip navigation in Driver Log

- In order to simplify the navigation process between trips in the multiple tables you can now use the Next and Previous Trip buttons

Implemented permissions for: Vehicle Groups

- The same rules we had for permissions in Private and Business bookings are now available for Service bookings

Uncategorized trips list for admin overview

- In order to allow the admin to easily identify uncategorized trips across their fleet that are about to be turned automatically private, they should have a list that unifies this information from the fleet

Exports section on the sidemenu

- Exports section was moved from the header to the side menu

Driver Log export section

- New section added to Driver Log where you can see all the exports from your company and another section where you can see your own exports

Immediate Driver License Check request after driver changes their driver's license details

- Now there's a setting that can be enabled that triggers a driver license check request to the user once they edit their driver's license details

Split Driver Log Trips

- New feature for Driver Log