Product Updates

Mobile Device Setup

Mobile Hardware Setup of OBD-plugs

fleetster's origin is the car sharing of electric vehicles. In the past 10 years of fleetster's history a lot has happened and so fleetster now also offers products like driver's license control, geo & tracking or the electronic driver's logbook in its mobility platform.

The previously used CarSharing hardware interferes with the vehicle electronics and is thus usually only installed by specialists. Thus, the installation process at fleetster was previously tailored to installers.

Since fleetster's product landscape is changing and simpler hardware components such as OBD connectors are now part of the portfolio, the installation process at fleetster has also been adapted in this respect.

This new feature allows a very simple installation and synchronization of the OBD plug with the fleetster software so that normally no external installers are needed.

Driving Licence Check with Photo Verification

Driving license check photo details

In many areas, smartphones are replacing analog processes. This change does not stop at fleet management either. fleetster has added a new product to the software portfolio: The electronic driving licence check with Photo Verification.

Instead of the previous visual check-in attendance, users can now conveniently take a photo of themselves and the front and back of their driver's license and upload it to the fleetster system. Admins receive a notification and can verify driving licences in the software this way.

This new process saves time and resources, as users no longer need to visit an office in person, but can upload a photo on the go within seconds.

Contracts Management

Vehicle contracts list

Another feature that contributes to the expansion of our fleet management portfolio. With contracts management, fleet managers or system admins have the possibility to store vehicle-related contracts.

Each contract can be assigned to a specific category, given a deadline, and assigned to a vehicle. There is no limit to the number of contracts that can be stored per vehicle - and you can also attach a PDF or photo of the contract.

In the end, fleetster's new contract management replaces paper contract management in the office - increasingly important in times of Corona.

Pricing and access rules for service bookings

Vehicle details pricing and access rules for service bookings

In Corporate Car Sharing there are 3 relevant booking types for pool vehicles:

  • Business bookings
  • Private bookings
  • Service bookings

Business bookings represent the majority of booking volume in most companies. Examples include transport between locations, field sales and internal services.

Private bookings, on the other hand, are not a given in every company with pool vehicles. This is mainly due to the complex tax rules and the fear of additional payment of taxes, which by the way can be eliminated with our new Logbook.

Service bookings are important for all fleet managers who take care of vehicle maintenance. These bookings can be used to block vehicles for appointments such as repairs, tire changes or car washes. The function is especially important for ensuring that vehicles are blocked and that no booking conflicts occur.

Until now, it was obvious that price rules were necessary for correct billing for private and business bookings. In response to customer requests, we have now also implemented pricing and access rules for service bookings. Service providers can thus book vehicles within a set of rules. In our product Fleet Management, we will further expand the management of external service providers.

The functionalities are unlocked in every account with at least a Corporate Car Sharing PRO license.

Driving License verification via Invers RFID

Driving Licence verification via Car Sharing Kit

The driving licence verification is an option for customers with an installed Car Sharing Kit and RFID reader in the vehicle.

An RFID sticker can be placed on the user's driving licence and its availability is verified before the start of every booking.

This function is not the same as the "Driving licence check" software module - but the two features are connected.

Electronic logbook exports list

Electronic Logbook Exports List

At the end of 2020, we were primarily focused on the legal and tax requirements for an electronic logbook. Since the beginning of the year, we have been testing user-friendliness together with our customers.

This feature introduces a new section listing all logbook exports performed in the system and providing easy access to past exports.

Improved trip navigation in electronic logbook

Electronic logbook trip details

To improve user experience the navigation process between trips new buttons have been added to the trip details allowing you to navigated to the next or previous trips in the series. These buttons are aware of the context of where you are and will show the correct next and previous trip.

Deactivating the GPS signal while driving

Deactivating the GPS signal while driving

Privacy and data protection are a top priority at fleetster. In addition to regular source code checks and penetration tests, for each product update, a team is formed among our developers to try to hack our software. We are generally very concerned about keeping data security at the highest level.

In addition to this basic data security, more and more customers are now using telematics products, such as the driver's logbook, where a lot of data is collected. Is now also increasingly about user rights and their self-determination when accessing data. With this in mind, we have released a new privacy measure with the latest product update:

In companies that use the tracking feature (these are almost exclusively customers from logistics), pool vehicle users can now deactivate the transmission of the GPS signal in our Car Sharing kits. In principle, no GPS data is shared for private journeys. A typical use case would be during the lunch break. During working hours, the use of the GPS signal is contractually regulated with the employee.

Uncategorized trips list for admin overview

Uncategorized Electronic Logbook trip list

A new list that allows the admin to easily identify and manage uncategorized trips and notify the relevant drivers.

Verification when new driver license is issued

Driver license control settings

For customers with the Driver License Verification feature enabled. When a user adjusts his driver license details the admin will require a new verification before the user is allowed to continue booking or driving vehicles in the system.

Vehicle Groups

Vehicle Groups List

The Vehicle Groups feature allows administrators to manage complex permission and pricing rule combinations. This is especially valuable for large fleets because you can change prices and booking permissions for many 100 vehicles with just a few clicks.
Existing customers with large pool vehicle fleets only need to categorize their vehicles into groups and can then manage them centrally.

This feature is aimed at customers with more than 50 pool vehicles and is, therefore, part of the Corporate Car Sharing ENTERPRISE license. Our team will be happy to assist you in testing or activating the feature.

Driver Management

Driver management details

A new section in the fleet management module allowing easy overview and control over the relationship between drivers and vehicles within the system.

Digital Vehicle File Tire History

Vehicle tire change popup

A new section in the digital vehicle file allowing the fleet manager to document the tires information, change date and the history of these changes.

Driver Log PDF Export for Tax Authorities

Electronic logbook digitally signed export button

It is now possible to generate digitally signed PDFs. This technology ensures that the documents cannot be manipulated, which is essential for acceptance by the tax authorities.