Key lockbox and key management system for your fleet of vehicles

For automated fleet management. Our key cabinets guarantee efficient and automated management of all fleet vehicle keys - 24/7.

How does the electronic Key Cabinet for fleets work?

1. Book vehicle via the app or on the web
2. Login at the key cabinet with PIN and/or RFID card
3. Check booking details
4. Take out the key of the booked vehicle
5. Let's go for a ride!

Expansion of the Electronic Key Cabinet for fleets: data transmission thanks to the OBD-Plug

With the implementation of an OBD-Plug, you have the possibility to establish full control over your fleet. Thanks to the real-time communication between the electronic key cabinet, the fleetster software, and the OBD-Plug in the vehicle, key removals, key returns, mileage and fuel levels, as well as routes of the vehicles are tracked.

All this information is exclusively accessible to the admin and can be switched off if required by the works council.

What is an Electronic Key Management System? Do I need this to manage my fleet?

A typical problem in medium-sized companies: the sales team has great pool vehicles available with which they drive to their sales appointments; these vehicles are also extensively used. Unfortunately, keys are often returned too late or not at all and the fleet manager gets lost in key chaos.
Sounds familiar? A poorly documented key management system can lead to serious time losses.

With the key cabinet system from fleetster, you have the possibility to automate the key handover process. The key cabinet is a reliable solution for managing vehicle keys. Keys can only be removed or returned if there is a corresponding booking or allocation - so you protect vehicles from theft and unauthorized access.

Thanks to the documentation in the cloud system of fleetster, you can always track where your keys and vehicles are and who booked the vehicle last.

Advantages of the fleetster Key Management System

Driving Licence Verification

Optionally, you can order a keybox with a RFID-reader that controls the user's driver licence before every booking.

Damage Management

Damages can be reported directly through the keybox touchscreen and are automatically forwarded to the administrator.

24/7 - Always Available

Key boxes operate independently, also outside of the key manager's working hours or the reception's opening hours.

Absolutely Secure

The keys are fixed with metal seals on the iFobs. This guarantees that the keys are stored absolutely secure in the keybox.

Easy Setup

All you need is a socket and a LANcable (without firewall) where your key box will be installed. Then, just plug everything in and start!

Market Leader

Our keyboxes are from Traka, the worldwide leader in automatic key management, and are available in three different sizes.

Up to 20 keys


Up to 60 keys


Up to 100 keys


Does an Electronic Key Management system pay off?

We can tell you a lot - but what counts are facts and figures. Here is a small cost breakdown of a manual key management compared to an automated solution. We assume that the entire process - from key issuance and key return, to documentation in the booking book, to checking the entries - can be estimated at 5 minutes. If we assume a price of 30€ per calculation hour, we arrive at 2.50€ per booking.

With a moderate estimate with relatively few pool vehicles, we assume 20 bookings per day and 20 working days per month. This results in monthly costs of 1,000€. The smallest fleetster key cabinet solution with 20 slots is available from 6,950€ and would be worthwhile after 6 months. Of course, you would save the cost of manually issuing keys after implementation.

Besides increased security and improved documentation, an electronic key cabinet is worth it!

Functionalities Electronic Key Cabinet for fleets

100% Integrated

Full integration into the fleetster corporate carsharing software and fleet management software.

Key Management

Enables an automatic key management, without the need for manual handling.

Access to the Keys

Via an intuitive touchscreen – also simple for infrequent users.

Automatic reports to the Admin

These happen when irregularities, comments and other special events take place.


The keybox works with this feature, for example, when the previous driver is late.

Optional RFID Reader

RFID reader for the driver license control when picking up a key.

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