Product Updates

Refueling feature section on Fleet Management

- New section under fleet management

Increase Password minimum length to 12 characters

- Past password minimum length was 8 characters long - Due to increase the security of the system we have increased the minimum password length to 12 characters - Current passwords are still able to be 8 characters long, but they'll need to change to the new rule once the password is reset

Invoice number added to multiple places for clarity

- We have added the Invoice Number to multiple placed though out the Billing section

Batch Download of PDF invoices

- Now you can download multiple pdf documents of invoices from the invoice list

Auto approval of users registered from public user registration

- Before this improvement was implemented the admins would need to approve every user that registered to their public car sharing solution

Heatmap for all vehicles

- You used to only be able to see heatmaps from one vehicle at the time

"Add" functionality of fines and credits

- Due to a previous performance improvement it is now possible for us to search through the thousands of bookings created by our users - This was the limitation that made it so it was only possible to create fines or credits through the booking itself - Now you can create a fine or credit directly and search for the booking while creating the fine or credit

Rental - SIPP fields and Winter Tires Toggle

We are slowly but surely preparing our software to be usable by rental companies. For compatibility with their standard processes, we have synchronized our vehicle-categories with the standard rental SIPP-codes. The codes are now part of the vehicle details. Another important data subject for rental cars is winter tires. Given the importance, we have added this feature as well to the vehicle details.

Category Booking on the Mobile App

- If the location you're trying to book in is set to category booking on it's details, it will now be displayed like that in the mobile booking process

Booking Calendar - Re-arrange Vehicles by Cost

The core of our Corporate Car Sharing module is the booking calendar. Since it is used more frequently by public car sharers and rental companies, where pricing plays an essential role for the user, we added a new feature: Now you have the option to order vehicles by pricing and move the cheapest option to the top.

Improvement of invoice email content

- The email sent when an invoice is ready to be paid has been improved in order to give the user more information about the invoice in question

Booking list on mobile separated to ongoing and upcoming

- To make it more clear which booking is ongoing or upcoming we have divided the list from Today to Upcoming to just Ongoing and Upcoming

Platform - Increased Reliability of User Invitations

Some of our customers are inviting thousands of users when starting the service. In the past, we sent several thousand invitations at once. In order to reduce issues with spam filters and other security measures, the email service is now automatically evening out the sending of emails and schedules them over a short period of time. The logic also detects if users are already registered to avoid confusion.

Expanded permissions for Key Managers

- The key manager has had their permissions expanded and now can access the reminders and damages sections

Vehicle events filter

- You can now filter the events by the most common event types or groups of events such as: "All products" "Hardware events" and "fleetster events"

Implementation of heatmap progress bar

- In the Vehicle Heatmap section you now can see the progress of the request you made for the heatmao

Corporate Car Sharing - Cleanliness Alerts for Admin

When users set the cleanliness report to 1 or 2 stars, they are required to leave a comment for the admin. With this, admins are informed about incidents of 1 or 2 stars and receive the information provided by their users.