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Bike Sharing Software

Make your bicycle fleet available to employees. fleetster offers you a booking platform, sharing app and expertise.

Bike Sharing Software

Bike sharing software from fleetster yet works with combination locks

fleetster takes another step towards the growing mobility platform. With the recently introduced bike sharing feature, you have the possibility to manage and book bikes within the same mobility platform in addition to shared vehicles.

Users then have the ability to open and use bikes using PINs the combination locks. fleetster is known for producing high-quality high-tech products; but has opted for a low-tech approach to bike sharing. Because fleetster is looking for the best available solution, even if it is mechanical.

In the next stage of development, digital locks will be integrated that can be locked and unlocked via smartphone or RFID.

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Bike Sharing for Companies

Booking-process via App and Web-App - Using mechanical locks with numerical codes

per bike, per month

Bike Sharing as an interesting mobility concept for employees

As ADAC reports, the CarSharing market has experienced a real boom in recent years. In 2020, 100 new places have tested or started a new Car Sharing service.

This boom also includes the bicycle market, and so today, almost every cityscape shows some form of last-mile mobility. Often these are scooters, but also bicycles and e-bikes.

Companies have also recognized the trend of micro-mobility and are increasingly looking for concepts and possibilities to offer their employees a solid rental service of these means of transportation. Especially in companies where employees often move between different locations or far away buildings, Bike Sharing can be very useful.

fleetster Bike Sharing combination lock
fleetster Bike Sharing combination lock

fleetster Bike Sharing for companies - How does it work?

Booking process - When the feature is enabled, users will find a dedicated card on the home screen for Bike Sharing bookings in the fleetster App (Play Store and Apple Store). Bikes have been excluded from the regular booking process to keep a better overview. While billing works conventionally, as with cars, the distance slider in the booking process has been removed, as this value is irrelevant for a bike ride.

Key release process - To start the bike booking process, you must first check the bike for damages. Provided that everything is in order, or you have added new damages, you will be shown the bike lock PIN afterwards. You enter the PIN into the combination lock and start your ride.
When you return the bike, you will be asked to enter any damage that occurred along the way. Finally, you confirm that the bike (if it is an eBike) is connected to the charging station and that the bike has been locked.

fleetster bicycle sharing App for company bike sharing
fleetster bicycle sharing App for company bike sharing

Free Consultation

Our fleet experts are available for a personal consultation. Benefit from the expert knowledge of our team and discuss open questions and uncertainties regarding the requirements of your fleet.

fleetster bike sharing experts
fleetster bike sharing experts