Billing module for Public CarSharing

Manage invoices, accounting and payments with the fleetster software.

Accounting in CarSharing companies

For companies that offer a Public CarSharing System, billing is a major problem, as they have to settle small amounts of money very irregularly with many customers. This complex process not only requires a lot of time and resources, but also represents a high risk - manually, such a process is quickly prone to errors. That is why fleetster has developed the new billing tool. It automates the entire billing process for fleetster's CarSharing partners.

Managing invoices and billing many small amounts is a major challenge for all companies offering Public CarSharing. fleetster now offers a billing function that automates this process while giving providers full flexibility.

Manage billings with fleetster software

Generate invoices automatically

Generate invoices and pass them on to accounting.

User accounting

Bill users directly through the system or manually by invoice through accounting.

Send invoices by mail

Send invoices easily, quickly and securely via fleetster directly by mail.

Automatic fees

Create tailored cancellation rules and customize them.

Special fees

Add special charges to invoices if, for example, a dirty vehicle is returned.

Voucher system

The system is compatible with vouchers, so that invoices can be paid simply by a voucher issued in advance.

Fraud detection

The fleetster billing system protects you from fraud and warns you at an early stage.

Advance payment

Calculate a percentage amount of the booking cost in advance, so you can be sure that you will always receive their payments on time.


Pre-authorization allows you to verify that the user has enough payment funds to pay for the booking. The payment is made only after the booking is complete.

Automatic billing with Stripe

fleetster uses the payment provider Stripe, which supports billing and manages payments on behalf of the company that are incurred through bookings via fleetster. All users and their due payments can thus be managed and automatically billed via Stripe.

The system generates an invoice for the user, which can then be easily paid via Sepa direct debit mandate or credit card. This is also possible via the mobile app, so payment is also possible for the user on the go.

In fleetster, the administrator can also define additional fees that are automatically included. Users can also be assigned to user groups to which special billing settings are assigned. For example, the administrator can define the means of payment or whether users require approval before booking.

Billing with fleetster step by step

With the fleetster billing tool you can find all billable bookings at a glance. Filter or sort by booking ID, booking date, user and much more. All settings can be set individually to offer you as a car sharing provider the best possible solution individually. Also set cancellation rules.

Add charges or credits prior to billing. For example, these may be charges for improper use or they may be previously agreed upon credits.

Then generate invoices based on the booking day or booking period, which can then be forwarded to the user by mail via the fleetster system or given directly to the accounting department. Finally, bill the users via the system and track the status and automatic posting of the billing in the system.

Billing tool for public CarSharing providers

For many companies that operate public car sharing, billing and invoice management in particular is a major challenge

fleetster offers a solution to this problem. fleetster software automates billing while granting providers full flexibility.

Tim Ruhoff explains how fleetster's billing module can support you in your everyday life and which special functions make invoice management quite easy.

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