Geotab and fleetster

Geotab is fleetster's strong telematics partner. Here you will find all the important information about Geotab, the compatible products and their functionality.

Interested in reselling fleetster Software?

Geotab has chosen 5 car sharing and fleet management software providers around the world to integrate the Geotab hardware. fleetster is proud to be amongst those 5 software providers.

As fleetster's focus has always been and will always be on the developing great software, we are happy to have other companies reselling our software-hardware combination.

We will make sure that software-wise your clients are getting what they need, while you can focus on what's really important - building relationships with your clients.

If you are interested in learning more about reselling fleetster, the implied conditions and how it works, then get in touch or follow the link below.

fleetster products integrated with Geotab hardware

Geo & Tracking

The Geo & Tracking module by fleetster informs about vehicle live locations and documents routes.

Electronic logbook

Tax office compliant and legally secure. Simply insert your OBD-Plug and start keeping your Electronic Logbook today.

Car Sharing Kit

Telematic devices for corporate Car Sharing: Keyless booking process and vehicle data for fleets.

Electronic Logbook

The electronic logbook for company cars and motor pools give you a retrospective overview of your vehicles' movements. It tracks every move of your vehicle and shows who drove the car at what point in time.

This gets particularly interesting if you need to present a documented movement report of your vehicle to tax authorities. In Germany for example, you can generate tax savings by applying an electronic logbook, which makes this solution vastly popular throughout the country.

The logbook can be seamlessly integrated into all existing solutions, such as corporate car sharing / motor pool management , tracking , etc. Administrators always have full control over which software modules they want to use and users have full control over their private data.

Geotab Keyless Car Sharing Kit

You're wanting to connect your fleet to the cloud? Then get yourself a Car Sharing Kit. On the one hand, it gathers a plethora of data points such as open/close entries, mileage and GPS; it's therefore very popular with fleet managers, as they have all the real-time data at the sight of the eye in the fleetster software. On the other hand, it allows to open/close vehicles either remotely or via the app on a smartphone. Therefore it represents a solution for heavy-duty Corporate Car Sharing or even Public Car Sharing .

All Car Sharing Kits are integrated with every piece of software fleetster builds. So if you want to use an electronic key cabinet in combination with a Car Sharing Kit and OBD plugs, that is no problem - fleetster builds interconnected.

Geo & Tracking

A product that becomes particularly interesting in the logistics industry. It allows you real-time GPS-data of your fleet at all times and can show pieces of information such as engine ignitions as well.

If you combine the Geo & Tracking feature with so-called Geofences, you can send push notifications to your fleet admins when vehicles enter or leave a certain zone. These zones are typically clients' addresses or the companies headquarters, where vehicles start their trip. Everything is time-stamped, which give a nice overview of your fleets' movements.

Would you like to learn more about our telematics and Car Sharing solutions?

Feel free to contact us - our team of fleet experts will be happy to assist you in word and deed and will be happy to set up a live system for you to test - even with hardware.