Meet some of our happy customers

Our goal is to make our customers happy! Read what they have achieved with fleetster.

"Deloitte is intensively working on the challenges of the future and is contributing towards a more sustainable mobility by acquiring electric vehicles. fleetster helps us to increase the visibility of this technology and to make the vehicles available to all employees."

Christian Welsch, Head of Brand & Communications

"All involved parties gain maximum comfort with fleetster. The transparent processes are well documented for the accounting department. We are already very happy in the trial period!"

Robert Sanders, Central Procurement
Sonepar Deutschland GmbH

"The implementation of fleetster pays off since the first day - we are saving 90% of the former costs."

Alexander Schäfer, Strategic Purchasing
TenneT TSO GmbH

"With fleetster, the vehicle booking and the internal cost allocation have made our life much easier!"

Yvonne Bürge, Group Leader

"In our location Mönchengladbach, about 100 employees share 8 pool cars successfully."

Thomas Gröbel
Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG

"There is a very high level of satisfaction among users, as the reservation process is now more efficient. The admin has an easier life because less time is needed for the allocation of the vehicles. The best improvements were achieved when we bought our keybox!"

Roland Klatz, Headdepartment Sales

"The Fiats' usage keeps increasing and thanks to fleetster the organisation is simple."

Jason Es-Salim, Carsharing-Founder
Staatsballett Berlin

"There was no need to purchase a new vehicle or book a rental-car at short notice since we are using fleetster."

Bert Lietzen

"Corporate Car Sharing is an innovative mobility concept that is brilliant. We are convinced that it will revolutionise the fleet management of many Luxembourgian companies."

Romain Penning

"Thanks to fleetster, our employees have easily access to our fleet. fleetster's intelligent eVehicle integration is the most important and most loved feature in our company!"

Florian Fischer, Project Engineer
Allgäuer Überlandwerk

"We are experts in efficiency and simply love efficient processes. fleetster was love at first sight. Keep it up!"

Andrés Hernández, Partner
mosaiic GmbH

"Thanks to fleetster, we were able to reduce the time we spent on fleet management to a minimum. Now our employees are happier because they can book vehicles on their own!"

Marc Melcher
memoplast GmbH

"We have been able to optimize our entire administration and organization with the minimum cost, is very easy to use and intuitive. We are using fleets for more than 2 years now and never had any technical issues."

Johannes Knaus
TTI, Inc.