fleetster - the team introduces itself

There are many good reasons to become a part of the fleetster team!

What do we do at fleetster?

We are a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company distributing fleet management and CarSharing software solutions in over 30 countries. fleetster's core is the sophisticated software platform with over 50,000 users in 9 languages - we are working hard every day to develop new features and make our customers' daily fleet life as easy as possible

What does everyday life at fleetster look like?

The normal Monday morning starts with a joint team breakfast to make the start of the week a little easier for all of us. The breakfast leads into a short Scrum meeting per team in which the most important points of the day/week are discussed

Afterwards, we all work independently on our projects and meet for lunch together. The range of office products is really extensive and there is something for every palate here. Of course, you can also prepare or heat up something yourself in the well-equipped office kitchen.

After the afternoon sprint with a delicious coffee break, there are often team events. If you haven't met the team yet, you can do so in the evening. By the way: there are VR glasses available for everyone ;)

Your advantages

Best Cappuccino

Team from 7 countries

Vehicle pool


Company apartments


Team Events

Office language: English

Our vacancies

What you have seen so far is convincing? Then get in touch with us and apply for one of the vacancies via the link below.

If you can't find what you're looking for among the open positions, but you're eager to work for us, we'd be happy to receive your speculative application at any time! Just write an e-mail to us application@fleetster.net.

Application & Questions

We usually respond to applications within 2 working days, and most of the time we still have questions, which we send either by email or as a small questionnaire.

Interview 1 | First exchange on the job

In the short call we try to find out who you are and what you expect from the job, explain what you can expect from us and answer your questions.

The Challenge

In this part we send you a challenge, which varies depending on the position you have applied for. The goal of the challenge is for us to find out how you work and solve problems

Interview 2 | Technical Interview

Our team will review your results from our challenge and discuss them with you. You will also have a chance to explain your actions and decisions. Again, this step should not take an unnecessarily long time.

Vision, motivation & next steps

What we can offer you in any case is a meaningful position where you can make a difference and the freedom to bring your own ideas to our products and projects, but if we want to work together successfully for many years, our values and ideas should be identical - so that the work is fun every day.

Our team introduces itself


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Technical Officer


Executive Management Assistant


Accounting Specialist


Product Expert


Product Expert


Technical Support Specialist


Customer Success Representative


Sales Executive


Marketing Content Manager


UI/UX Designer


UI/UX Designer


Lead QA / Developer


Quality Assurance Tester


Fullstack Javascript Developer


Fullstack Javascript Developer


Fullstack Javascript Developer


Fullstack Javascript Developer


Fullstack Javascript Developer


Fullstack Javascript Developer


Fullstack Javascript Developer


Fullstack Javascript Developer


Product Expert Assistant