Corporate Car Sharing Software for Motor Pooling

For pool cars in companies: Our Corporate Car Sharing software enables corporations to easily put their existing fleet to more productive use and offer employees the option to use the motor pool privately.

What is Corporate Car Sharing software?

Corporate Car Sharing is a synonym for pool car management. It means a company has a carpool (or one car) that all employees or a specific group of employees are allowed to use. The opposite of a Corporate Car Sharing is the conventional company car. Corporate Car Sharing allows employees to use carpool and pool vehicles for private trips as well.

At the core, a Corporate Car Sharing software is a booking tool that makes sure everybody knows which vehicle is available at what time in the future. Of course, these tools normally have many extra features that distinguish a Corporate Car Sharing software from an excel or outlook solution. For example, integrated key cabinet systems, and integrated CarSharing Kits.


Booking Tool for your carpool including fleetster apps and calendar integration. Always know where your cars are.
per vehicle, per month


Get your carpool to the next level with automated trip lists, Analytics and Data Exports for Accounting.
per vehicle, per month


Next level: add shift planning, booking buffer and gasoline card management.
per vehicle, per month

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Feature-Overview of Corporate Car Sharing Software

Booking Calendar
Vehicle Pricing and Permissions
Smartphone App
Calendar Integration
Key Management
Data Export
Trip Lists
Damage Management
Gasoline Cards
Category Booking
Automatic Booking Adjustments
Booking Buffers
Advanced Pricing
Shift Planning

Private Trips for employees in Corporate Car Sharing

In fleetster, the possibility exists to make the carpool available for private trips as well. With this feature, the employees can pick up the cars after working hours directly at the companies’ parking which saves a lot of time compared to rental-stations. In cities where most of the people do not have cars, this option is a great incentive!

Countless companies offer their employees private use of pool vehicles - usually after working hours or on weekends. Since private use with a company car is considered a non-cash benefit, extreme caution is required here. Because a privately used pool car that has not been declared correctly can quickly come back like a boomerang from the tax office and high additional payments could appear.

fleetster, therefore, distinguishes between business trips and private trips. Here you have the possibility to create certain price rules and usage permissions per pool car to ensure that all monetary benefits are correctly recorded and taken into account for tax purposes.

Corporate Car Sharing in the Cloud

fleetster is a cloud software accessible from your browser from anywhere at any time without installation. Bookings can be done via the app on your smartphone as well. The Cloud allows us to scale the software easily, run updates regularly and ensure solid performance. No matter how many vehicles you have. Data storage in the cloud is safer than most local installations and we keep the security of your data our absolute priority.

Easy Setup of the fleetster system

Setting up your own fleetster-system is simple and intuitive. First, you have to enter the details of the necessary location. After adding the vehicles, the users can be invited to the system by just pasting their email addresses. The whole setup doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. The fleetster-team is also available to support in this regard.

Car Sharing Kits for automatic key management

In fleetster, you can also integrate the Car Sharing kits installed in your pool cars. With these devices, you can open and close the vehicles via the app, get mileage info directly from the car into the software and much more. fleetster has successfully integrated 3 hardware providers.

Electronic Key Cabinet to automate key handovers

Electronic key cabinets (or Electronic key boxes) conveniently centralize the storage and handover of your pool vehicle and Car Sharing vehicles.

fleetster's electronic key cabinet is seamlessly integrated into the B2B-mobility platform, which allows the booking and management of motor pool cars. Moreover, fleet managers can implement time-based permissions and rules that bypass errors when accessing keys in the key lockbox.

Thanks to the absence of unauthorized usage, the management of motor pool cars are improved and a higher degree of capacity utilization is possible.

eMobility in Corporate Car Sharing

In the very beginning of fleetster’s history, we had planned to be an eVehicle Management Software. Meanwhile, the business model changed many times, but this feature remained! Our holistic eVehicle database with realistic consumption and charging data with the addition of range-algorithms makes sure nobody ever runs out of battery power.

The Corporate Car Sharing solution for every fleet size!


Overview of your vehicles and structured processes in your carpool.


With clear analysis, alerts and other features, manage your vehicles 24/7.


Also, electric vehicles can be integrated into fleetster - including range management!

Why should I implement a Corporate Car Sharing system?

This video marked the start of fleetster. Although the video is already around 10 years old, it still reflects how fleetster sees fleet usage in the company.

Car Sharing is an important component towards business climate goals, cost reductions and employee benefits.

With fleetster, companies can benefit from all the advantages of Car Sharing: you increase the utilisation of your pool vehicles, reduce costs, and allow your employees to use the shared vehicles privately.

More fleetster functionalities

Pool Vehicle Management

Know at all times, which vehicle is where and when it is available.

iOS and Android Apps

At any point or any time, the employee can book vehicles with the smartphone app!


Administrators will be informed automatically of all important events.

Calendar Integration

Import every booking to your Outlook calendar with a single click.


If the original vehicle is unavailable, the booking will automatically reallocate a free vehicle.


Integrate any electric vehicles into the system.

Range Management (eVehicles)

The range is not enough to complete your booking? This can never happen with fleetster!

Costs Center

With fleetster, all bookings can be saved against a Cost Center, if needed.

Data Export

Booking lists, analysis, statements of costs. They can all be exported.

Trip List

Automatically keep track of all bookings, private and business, for all vehicles.

Bonus System

Car Sharing, driving electric cars and economical trips are rewarded.

Not sure what feature you need and what they look like? No problem!

Just register for an online demo. We will explain the system to you and help you choose the perfect plan!