Product Updates

Service Bookings: Pricing rules and authorization structure for service providers

In Corporate Car Sharing there are 3 relevant booking types for pool vehicles:

Driving Licence verification via Car Sharing Kit

The driving licence verification is an option for customers with an installed Car Sharing Kit and RFID reader in the vehicle.

Improved overview with new side menu

At the end of 2020, we were primarily focused on the legal and tax requirements for an electronic logbook. Since the beginning of the year, we have been testing user-friendliness together with our customers. We have already implemented the first tips and adapted our menu navigation.

New Feature: Driver Management

As you probably know, there will be new features and updates in fleet management, regularly from now on. The next feature we would like to present to you today supports fleet managers in managing drivers. With this, you will get a complete overview of your drivers and their information. This section will be particularly interesting against the background of direct communication with drivers in the app, which is also already in development.

Driver Management

- New section for Fleet Management