GPS Tracking for Fleet Vehicles

Keep the overview - the Geo & Tracking module by fleetster informs about vehicle live locations and documents routes.

360-degree overview of your fleet

This module provides fleet managers with a holistic overview of the fleet and its movements. Geo & Tracking offers real-time data transmission, GPS documentation, and trip and shift-planning.


Specially suitable for companies whose vehicles are constantly on the move


For customers already equipped with telematics hardware*
per vehicle, per month

*The hardware purchase price and data contract is not included and may need to be ordered separately


All-inclusive hardware & software package with a simple price.
per vehicle, per month

Geo & Tracking

Live Tracking

Follow your fleet with real-time tracking, and receive high frequency data 24/7 no matter where your vehicles are.


Allows the administration of Geofences, their location, specific coordinates and radius, which you can use for an optimised distribution of your fleet.


Get a color-coded overview of your vehicles with specific filters, and receive insightful information in your map.

Geofence Entry/Exit Analysis

Provides a history of vehicles entering or leaving specified geofences.

Vehicle Events

Detailed information on vehicle event timeline (eg ignition, fuel level etc).

OBD-Plug from Geotab

The GO9 device has excellent reliability and is compatible with the vast majority of vehicles.

The data from the device is consumed by the fleetster platform to provide tracking, fuel, mileage information and general event information.

It also provides data points for scheduled service, accident detection and driving behavior.

Geo & Tracking by fleetster for your fleet management

Companies that maintain a vehicle fleet should consider implementing a GPS tracking system as vehicle tracking systems give fleet managers full control. What fleet managers need is precise information on arrival and departure times, driven routes, and detailed locations.

The GPS fleet tracking software by fleetster provides you with a live overview of the movements of your fleet. Thanks to live-locations, routes can be documented and tracked. Set up geofences to get detailed information about departure times and protect your fleet against theft. Be notified when vehicles leave the designated zone and react immediately.

The prerequisite for Geo & Tracking is a telematics unit in the vehicle. fleetster offers solutions such as the fleetster CarSharing Kit or the fleetster OBD-plug.

Personal Consultation

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