Automated Motor Pool Car Sharing

Pool car management including electronic logbook from the market leader - enter company pool car, install OBD-plug and automatically keep an electronic logbook.

Motor Pool Hardware & Automation

Software only

fleetster offers a fully interconnected motor pooling management software, that works independently without Hardware components.

Key cabinet

Key cabinets allow a 24/7 access to all vehicles as keys are securely kept in a locked keybox.

Car Sharing Kit

Connect your vehicles to the cloud via CarSharing Kits. Smartphone lock/unlock mechanism give full freedom to users.


Interactive booking calendar with admin and user access to smartphone apps and web app.
per vehicle, per month


Take your pool cars to the next level with automated key management, damage management and exports.
per vehicle, per month


For large fleets or companies: set advanced pricing systems and automatic re-allocation of bookings.
per vehicle, per month

Pool cars in your fleet

A pool car is not classified as a company car. Company cars are by definition assigned to a specific person. A pool vehicle (also frequently: pool vehicle, motor pool vehicle, motor pool vehicle, car-sharing vehicle), on the other hand, is intended for use by several employees.

At fleetster, motor pooling management software and corporate car sharing software are accordingly treated as synonyms.

A pool car can be assigned to a department, for example. In this way, the costs can be easily allocated to the department. In this case, a booking of vehicles must be made using pool car software or motor pool management software so that it is apparent when cars aren't in use on the speedway.

The idea of motor pooling management for employees is becoming more and more popular. Especially in the private sector, cars are often shared via car sharing - why shouldn't this also work in the corporate sector?

Electronic Key Cabinet

Manual key management is cost- and time-intensive - this applies to fleet managers as well as employees and colleagues. Keeping track of this is a full-time job for the fleet management team.

fleetster offers a key management solution aimed at motor pooling use cases. It acts as a 24/7 employee that diligently tracks every key handover and movement throughout the fleet. Employees can access the motor pooling keys only during their booking window (typically 15 mins before the booking).

The key cabinet is furthermore fully integrated into the fleetster system, and therefore even re-allocates bookings when keys are returned late.

Car Sharing Kit

fleetster has developed a B2B mobility platform that allows featuring a multitude of fleet management and car sharing use cases. The Car Sharing Kit can connect motor pooling vehicles to the fleetster software, and offers, besides a full data and movement tracking overview, an open and lock mechanism via smartphone or remotely.

Connecting your vehicles to the cloud via a CarSharing Kit will allow you to keep full track of your fleet - even if the pool cars are on the speedway.

Standalone Software solution

fleetster is a comprehensive motor pool management software to organize and manage all of your car sharing and motor pool vehicles. The purpose of motor pooling software is to facilitate the fleet managers' tasks and increasing utilization of the existing fleet.

It allows a booking allocation via a shared calendar, a key management solution, analytics and much more.

Software for pool cars and electronic logbook - how do I optimize my pool car management?

Pool car management (also motor pool management) works via sophisticated reservation mechanisms in a pool car software. Here, programs such as Excel and Outlook quickly reach their limits - the professional pool car software from fleetster, on the other hand, simplifies the management of pool vehicles for fleet managers - also with regard to tax law.

The pool car software organizes vehicles. Normally, a fleet manager is assigned to carry out necessary and legally required safety instructions with the employees. The fleet manager also checks the driving licenses of employees who wish to use one of the pool cars.

If the pool car management software is designed efficiently, a fleet with shared pool cars can offer potential savings. However, if systems are poorly managed (Excel, Outlook), pool cars combined with a logbook can just as quickly become a tax trap.

In order to achieve the greatest possible savings potential, the fleet utilization statistics must be effective, the fleet manager must have a good overview, no matter where the vehicles are - in the parking garage or on the speedway.

Electronic logbook for pool vehicles as a solution to the dangerous tax trap

Unlike a company car, pool vehicles are not assigned to a person. Such pool vehicles stimulate the imagination of the tax authorities because vehicles without taxed imputed income are a thorn in the side of the tax office and leave room for interpretation.

If there is no documentation of vehicle movements, the tax office assumes that employees with a driving licence are users of the pool vehicle - regardless of whether they actually use the car. Poor or incomplete documentation can also quickly lead to expensive additional payments.

The only way to protect 100% from expensive additional payments and problems with the tax authorities is to keep an electronic logbook. Thanks to the inserted OBD plug, all journeys are automatically recorded and create in the fleetster software a tax compliant logbook that stands up to the tax authorities.

Feature-Overview of pool car management software

Booking Calendar
Vehicle Pricing and Permissions
Smartphone App
Calendar Integration
Key Management
Trip lists
Damage Management
Gasoline Cards
Category Booking
Automatic Booking Re-allocation
Booking Buffers
Advanced Pricing
Shift Planning

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