Data Security in the Cloud

We care about your data! fleetster hosts its software exclusively in Germany. No user data is ever transferred to any other country.

General Information

Germany only

We host our software exclusively in Germany. All backups are also located on German servers. No personal data is ever transferred to other countries!

In the cloud

Cloud software is more secure than any other hosting option, and the data center where our software resides ensures the highest availability and security!

Successful penetration testing

The partners of fleetster are international and active in many different industries. fleetster has successfully passed all penetration tests (e.g. large corporations, European banks).

IT security concept

The security of our system is always a priority for us and we have documented the security measures in our IT security concept.

Concept of deletion

Every user has the right to delete his or her personal data. To ensure this right, we have developed a deletion concept.

Regular data security training

It is very important to us that our entire team is sensitive to data protection issues, and regular data protection training is a matter of course for us.

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Download AWS documents here

Technical and Organizational Measures

fleetster Office

Even though there is no personal data of fleetster users in our office, we have implemented security measures in our office, especially outside business hours

fleetster Software

We host our software exclusively on Amazon Web Services servers in Germany. In addition to AWS's very high security measures, we also ensure that your personal data is encrypted and cannot be accessed

Your contact person at fleetster

Anna Wilhelm

Management Assistant |

Radu Creosteanu

Chief Technical Officer |

Tim Ruhoff