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What is special about fleetster's public car sharing?

Multiple Hardware Provider

fleetster cooperates with some of the market leaders for car sharing hardware. Matching hardware like carsharing kits are available to enhance the software and your carsharing service.

Only Station Based

In order to keep the system manageable and simple, the Car Sharing vehicles can only be picked up and returned at stations that are specified by the provider.

Available worldwide

No matter where you are in the world, our software and hardware solutions are available worldwide.

E-Vehicle Integration

Provide a Car Sharing system with electric cars to the public and prove that you are innovative and sustainable. Our Software makes sure the cars are charged whenever the car is returned and calculates the remaining range for all bookings automatically.

Full White Label

You can adapt colours, pictures and fonts, and sell fleetster in your name. None of your customers will recognize that the software behind your system is fleetster.

Local Hardware Support

Our local hardware support team helps you set up and implement the carsharing hardware and offers support whenever it is needed.

CarSharing Kit - Hardware

fleetster has developed a mobility platform that covers a wide range of Car Sharing use cases. The Car Sharing Kit can connect vehicles to the fleetster software, providing a complete record of driving data and GPS data. In addition, the Car Sharing Kit can be used to implement an opening and closing mechanism via smartphone or remotely.

By connecting your vehicles to the cloud, you maintain a full overview of your fleet - no matter where the cars are located.

Hardware Options

Geotab keyless

A robust solution for a keyless booking process and the transfer of vehicle data for Car Sharing.

Cloudboxx by Invers

Invers offers a very robust solution that enables the opening and closing mechanism via smartphone, RFID or remotely.

White Label Solution for Public Carsharing

We can provide our Software in your own brand standards as well. You can adapt colours, pictures and fonts, and sell fleetster (of course, you can also rename the tool) in your name. None of your customers will recognize that the software behind your system is fleetster.

Within 2 weeks fleetster can develop a "design theme" of the fleetster platform. It changes the appearance of all screens and features on the web, so your customers think it is your software.

We can deploy the apps to your app store account or to ours.

Billing Tool for Public Carsharing

For companies that offer public car sharing services billing is a major issue because they need to collect small amounts of money from many customers.

This complex process takes not only time and resources at the end of every month but also puts an unnecessary risk at a critical part of the provider’s business. Especially since this process is susceptible to mistakes when it's done manually.

Therefore, fleetster has developed new features. The new billing tool automates the whole billing process for fleetster's car sharing partners.

How does the fleetster Public CarSharing Software work?

1. Users can book cars online, via web or app (Play Store and AppStore)

2. The cars are parked in fixed locations.

3. Cars can be unlocked with a smartphone or with an RFID-Card, the keys are stored safely in the glove compartment.

Other fleetster Software Functionalities

Includes Corporate Car Sharing

Combine Corporate Car Sharing and Public Car Sharing systems and book pool cars and Car Sharing cars, no matter if for private or business trips, in the same system.

Support Platform

fleetster has built a support platform, so that Car Sharing operators can interact with their customers in a more efficient way than just writing emails.

Billing Service Integration

Use the billing service to automate your financial transactions. This makes the Car Sharing system even more profitable and efficient.

What our customers say about us

"As expected, the look and feel of the fleetster software and the ease of use are very appreciated by our users. The booking process is simple and thanks to fleetster's good usability, our internal process is also very easy to handle for our customer service staff.

Finally, I would like to say 'thank you' again for the work and the fast solutions that were always implemented very user friendly! We are very happy that we found exactly the partner we wanted with fleetster."

Stefan Sulzenbacher, Product Management REWAG Regensburger Energie- und Wasserversorgung AG & Co. KG

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