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How does the Public Car Sharing Software from fleetster work?

1. Users can book cars online, via web or app (Play Store and AppStore)

2. The cars are parked in fixed locations.

3. Cars can be unlocked with a smartphone or with an RFID-Card, the keys are stored safely in the glove compartment.

What is Software for Public Car Sharing?


The service is made available to the public, which means that the operator of the service might not know his customers directly.


Cars are parked in publicly available places, so that the service can be offered during business hours or even 24/7. fleetster supports all brands and models.


The cars are parked and can be rented from defined places. The cars can only be parked at defined spots. It is no free-float-carsharing.

Electric Cars

The fleetster electric car algorithm helps to organise the trips and makes sure that nobody runs out of battery while on a trip.

Should you start a Public Car Sharing business?

The foundation for each commercial business is that it generates profits. The fleetster team invests a substantial amount of time in usability to reduce support requests and to implement as much automation as possible to handle a large number of customers without effort.
Obviously, a working car sharing system has a positive impact on parking, traffic and can even educate people about the advantages of electric cars. It can also have a positive marketing effect on the operator.

Public Car Sharing functionalities from fleetster

Station Based

In order to keep the system manageable and simple, the Car Sharing vehicles can only be picked up and returned at stations that are specified by the provider. This is especially useful for electric cars to make sure they are returned at the charging station.

Includes Corporate Car Sharing

With our software it is simple to combine Corporate Car Sharing and Public Car Sharing systems. This means your employees can book pool cars and Car Sharing cars, no matter if for private or business trips, in the same system - according to their availability.

eVehicle Integration

Provide a Car Sharing system with electric cars to the public and prove that you are innovative and sustainable. Our Software makes sure the cars are charged whenever the car is returned and calculates the remaining range for all bookings automatically.

Support Platform

fleetster has built a support platform, so that Car Sharing operators can interact with their customers in a more efficient way than just writing emails. Furthermore, the provider can forward technical issues directly to the fleetster team.

Billing Service Integration

fleetster is currently building a billing and payment service which will be made available to the Car Sharing operators to automate their financial transactions. This makes the Car Sharing system even more profitable and efficient.

What our customers say about us

"As expected, the look and feel of the fleetster software and the ease of use are very appreciated by our users. The booking process is simple and thanks to fleetster's good usability, our internal process is also very easy to handle for our customer service staff.
Finally, I would like to say 'thank you' again for the work and the fast solutions that were always implemented very user friendly! We are very happy that we found exactly the partner we wanted with fleetster."

- Stefan Sulzenbacher, Product Management REWAG Regensburger Energie- und Wasserversorgung AG & Co. KG

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