Product Updates

Hardware setup intended usage

Hardware setup vehicle usage type and driver assignment

The mobile hardware setup process has been enhanced allowing administrators to decide on the vehicle usage type between car sharing and business car. Additionally, administrators can designate the business driver if applicable.

Driver Log distance warning

Driver Log distance warning

If GPS distance calculation shows a difference with the reported start/end mileage greater than 10km and 100% a warning is shown to highlight that there might be a problem with mileage reporting.

Sepa payment integration

Sepa payment method

SEPA payment processing has been added to our billing and payment provider module.

Internationalized units of measurement

Location units of measurement

The company details now allow specifying the default units of measurement for length and volume (litre vs gallon). We also introduced unit of measurement in location details.

Import for refuellings

Import for refueling data

The guided data importer now supports data for vehicle refuelling information. This is instrumental in helping fleet managers manage the import of information from fuel card providers.

GPS position outdated logic

GPS position outdated logic

The GPS is not always reliable and can be inaccurate. To ensure that you find the vehicle, it's important to make sure the positioning system on the vehicle works properly. So we improved the logic that determines if the GPS is accurate or outdated.

Notification for Driver Log auto-categorization

Push Notification after Driver Log was auto-categorised

When a Driver Log trip is approaching its 7-day legal limit, the system will automatically adjust the category to private. With this improvement, the driver will receive a push notification in addition to the standard email notifying him of the change.

Automated Tasks | Assignee rules

Automated Tasks | Expansion of assignee rules

The next step in our Automated Tasks feature is to be able for tasks to have dynamic assignees such as location or vehicle administrators. This would allow the fleet managers more flexibility with how they use automation.

Operating hours improved UX

Operating Hours improvement on Locations

The structure of the operating hours in location details was redesigned and restructured. This allows better clarity and visibility in different screen resolutions.

Improved empty booking list

New "No Bookings to display" screen

A small quality of life improvement to the mobile application. The booking list now displays a nice clear message when there are no bookings available.

Driver Log external drivers

External Drivers are now allowed

The Electronic Driver Log now allows the user to specify that a particular trip was performed by an individual who does not have access to the mobility platform. The external driver's name will be correctly included in the PDF exports.

Advanced import for users

Advanced import for users

The guided data importer now supports user imports. This allows administrators to add hundreds or thousands of users to the system whilst avoiding errors and having a clear record of the result.

Fees and credits cost center

Fees and credits cost center information

Now, companies with the cost center feature can assign a cost centre to a fee or credit. This information is included in CSV exports and any created invoice.

Driver Log Trip address warning

Start/End trip destination warning

The electronic driver log will now warn a driver or admin when editing a trip if the start and end addresses are the same.

Admin triggered invoice transaction

Stripe payment for admin in invoice details

If the user has a payment method registered, the admin has the option to try to complete the payment of an invoice. This would succeed if the user has registered a method that is not protected by SCA (Strong Customer Authentication).

QR code verification of Driver Log PDF

QR code verification of signature for Driver Log export

As part of our ongoing improvement of the electronic driver log, we now provide an easy to use QR code in the export which allows tax authorities to download the original file from our secure servers.

This provides an easy-to-use process for ensuring that the driver log export cannot be tampered with.

Fuel/Battery level UX improvement

Manual fuel and battery value in Mobile Key Return

The input UX for fuel or battery level has been improved. Previously the application would allow users to enter a numeric value, which is difficult when using mobile devices. Now we have made an update that allows them to provide only a rough fill/charge level instead of having to type in precise numbers on their phone.

Automatic payment after invoice creation

Automatic payment after invoice creation

A new setting for the Stripe integration attempts to automatically charge the customer (if a payment method is registered) after an invoice is in the "created" state.

Mileage Rules for Automated Tasks

New Milage trigger on Automated Tasks

The automated tasks feature now allows defining rules based on vehicle mileage. The allows administrators to define conditions based on mileage for when tasks need to be done. For example, a rule to check the oil level every 10.000 km or change the tires every 25.000 km.

Data Importer

An advanced interface designed to streamline the transition from excel to a modern cloud-based solution. The data importer provides a step by step process that allows administrators to create vehicles, users and others from CSV.

It has never been easier to transition from excel to a fully-fledged fleet management solution.

Regular Feedback Request

Feedback request when bookings are finished

A new setting for the contacts feature, which will request feedback from users when a booking is finished.

If this setting is on it:

  1. Sends a push notification to users when a booking is finished asking them to provide feedback
  2. Sends an email to users asking for feedback

If a custom feedback link is provided the email/push notification should link out to the specified location.

If no custom link is provided, the push notification should send the user to the mobile feedback process and the email should send him to the web feedback form.

Vehicle detail pages synergy

Vehicle detail pages synergy

The various interfaces and overviews of vehicle information have been combined to provide a seamless and optimised experience between Platform, Car Sharing and Fleet Management.

Automatic invoice after every booking

Automatic invoice after every booking

This new setting of our billing module will automatically issue invoices after every booking and inform the user.

RFID swipe feedback

RFID swipe feedback

In order to streamline the use of RFID badges for vehicle access, we now inform the user (or nearest administrator) of any errors encountered in either lock or unlock commands.

In addition, failed access attempts are recorded in the vehicle events timeline for easy access and review by the administrator.

My Tasks on Mobile

My Tasks on the Mobile App

Users and administrators now have access to their assigned tasks on mobile with due tasks easily highlighted on the home tab.

Driver License Image Zoom

Driver License images can now be zoomed

We implemented an option where the user can click on a photo and it will zoom in so that the admin can be able to read all of the text from the license. The admin could then verify if the user submitted what is shown in the photo compared with what they put down when registering for the application by themselves.

Booking Notes

Booking Notes in the Booking Process

A new general comment field is now available on bookings that can be used to provide additional information or requests in the creation of a booking.

Tap & Go Organization Override

Tap & Go allow finishing previous bookings

In order to better support large customers, the fleetster solution now allows individualizing the behavior of tap&go per organization. Both the booking type and length can be controlled.

This offers support for different use cases within the same company. Cleaners and service personnel can have service bookings created by their employee badges. Security personnel can create business bookings and regular employees private bookings.

Vehicle Groups Tooltips

Vehicle Groups Tooltips

Vehicle groups is one of our most complex features. We recently added information cards to better explain the use of this feature, and we're excited for you to explore what it can do!

Driver Log Admin Dashboard

Driver Log Admin Dashboard

A general dashboard has been added to the driver log module. This provides an overview of the vehicles and driver log trips whilst highlighting any potential problem areas.

Stripe Payment Integration

The fleetster mobility platform now offers the possibility to use Stripe for processing payments. This allows mobility providers to charge their customers seamlessly through the system.

New Booking Behaviour Settings

New Booking Behaviour settings

New settings to the booking behaviour which allow the administrator to deactivate (default is active):

  • Mileage
  • Fuel
  • Cleanliness

The administrator can also decide which of these fields are mandatory and which are optional.

Automatic Detection of Geotab Server

The server gets automatically detected in the Geotab database

In order to improve the integration between fleetster and Geotab the configured server is now automatically detected. Administrators no longer need to provide the server URL when configuring their Geotab credentials.

Driver License Check Settings

Separate Settings for Driver License Check

As part of the growing set of features and settings for our Driver License Check module, we now provide a dedicated page to configure the behaviour.

From there you can control when users are added to the list of verified drivers. You can change the frequency of checks and how far ahead of the scheduled check drivers may upload their photos.

Recurrent Booking Confirmation Email

Recurrent Booking Confirmation Email

As part of the continuous improvement of the platform, we have added a confirmation email for recurrent bookings which contains detailed information on the series of bookings created.

Sidemenu Redesign & Reorder

Sidemenu Redesign & Reorder

The growing functionality and offering of our mobility platform have made the existing side menu design no longer suitable.

We are constantly updating our product offerings to better serve the needs of your clients. Recently, we have noticed that on most screens there is a scroll bar for side menu items due to all the new functions being added. We keep you and your users in mind with every change we make. Instead of leaving this as it was, we've invested significant resource to redesign, reorganize and optimize the side menu.

Trips details for all booking types

Trips details for all booking types

It is now possible to have standard booking information (reason, destination, partner and cost center) for all booking types (business, private or service). Each of these fields can be turned off or made mandatory based on the administrator's preference.

Improved Driver Log Categorisation

Improved Geofence Driver Log Categorisation on the Mobile Application

Every time you finish a drive, the app will notify you to categorize the trip. The notifications have been enhanced to provide more intelligent categorization suggestions. Depending on the defined geofences for office, home, business or private the system will suggest a likely category for your drive.

Invoicing International Tax

Invoicing International Tax

The British Columbia provincial government of Canada has specific rules that taxes must be displayed separately. You can now customize the invoice to include tax information for two different types of taxation: Provincial and Federal respectively, which will enable you to provide a more comprehensive set of invoices with additional detail as requested by your customers.

Automated Tasks

The automated task feature allows fleet managers to schedule regular tasks that should happen every month, year or at specific moments. Once activated, a new section is available allowing administrators to configure rules that will create tasks automatically.

This feature will receive further improvements in the future allowing more complex triggers or assignee rules.

Archive Vault

The Archive Vault on our Platform

The Archive Vault is a new feature that allows the retention of information for historical records. For companies with the module active, deleting a user, vehicle or location, will create an archive that can be restored at any point. The archive entry can be deleted permanently if the administrator so decides.

Archived entries will retain references to all the related items (bookings, invoices, penalties etc). These objects will be restored alongside the original object as part of the restoration process.

This system allows the administrator to retain information for future reference or for the authorities for an unlimited amount of time.

Digital Vehicle File: Documents

Digital Vehicle File: Documents section

A new section in the digital vehicle file has been developed which allows administrators to manage important vehicle documents.

Type of essential documents:

  • Certificate of conformity
  • Registration Certificate
  • Vehicle Identification Card
  • Last Vehicle Inspection
  • Handover protocol
  • Accident report form

Redesign of booking details

Redesign of booking details

The display of booking information in the web application has been redesigned and restructured to improve usability and aesthetic feel.

Reallocation Timing Setting

Reallocation Timing Setting

The automatic vehicle reallocation algorithm would seek to find a new vehicle 5 minutes before the next booking scheduled start. There is now a new setting that allows the administrator to configure a longer time frame.

This is relevant specifically for the scenario of a damaged or inactive vehicle. This does not affect reallocation based on eVehicle range conflicts or issues with late key return.

Warning for limited eVehicle range

Warning of limited eVehicle range in the mobile application

If a user attempts to start a booking for an electric vehicle that has a lower estimated range than the trip distance, a warning will now be displayed, and the popup will provide an easy way to change the vehicle

Notification for offline vehicles

Notification for offline vehicles

For vehicles with driver log generation on and Invers or Geotab device attached. If the device has been offline for 4 days we generate a warning for the administrator. The notification can be configured or turned off in the settings area. An email, push notification and web notification are available.

Contract Management Improvements

Contract Management Improvements

The new contract management feature has been improved with a number of small additions and adjustments.

  • Colour coded contract types in the contracts table
  • Changed generic contract card to only have common inputs to all contracts
  • Expanded the available data fields
  • Added a contract overview card
  • Expanded tax calculation logic

Edit Vehicles in Vehicle Groups

Vehicle Group Details and the new possibility to edit the vehicles

In order to improve usability and control of the new Vehicle Groups feature, it is now possible to add or remove vehicles from a group from within the details page.