Product Updates

Sidemenu Redesign & Reorder

The growing functionality and offering of our mobility platform have made the existing side menu design no longer suitable.

We are constantly updating our product offerings to better serve the needs of your clients. Recently, we have noticed that on most screens there is a scroll bar for side menu items due to all the new functions being added. We keep you and your users in mind with every change we make. Instead of leaving this as it was, we've invested significant resource to redesign, reorganize and optimize the side menu.

Trips details for all booking types

It is now possible to have standard booking information (reason, destination, partner and cost center) for all booking types (business, private or service). Each of these fields can be turned off or made mandatory based on the administrator's preference.

Improved Driver Log Categorisation

Every time you finish a drive, the app will notify you to categorize the trip. The notifications have been enhanced to provide more intelligent categorization suggestions. Depending on the defined geofences for office, home, business or private the system will suggest a likely category for your drive.

Invoicing International Tax

The British Columbia provincial government of Canada has specific rules that taxes must be displayed separately. You can now customize the invoice to include tax information for two different types of taxation: Provincial and Federal respectively, which will enable you to provide a more comprehensive set of invoices with additional detail as requested by your customers.

Automated Tasks

The automated task feature allows fleet managers to schedule regular tasks that should happen every month, year or at specific moments. Once activated, a new section is available allowing administrators to configure rules that will create tasks automatically.

This feature will receive further improvements in the future allowing more complex triggers or assignee rules.

Archive Vault

The Archive Vault is a new feature that allows the retention of information for historical records. For companies with the module active, deleting a user, vehicle or location, will create an archive that can be restored at any point. The archive entry can be deleted permanently if the administrator so decides.

Archived entries will retain references to all the related items (bookings, invoices, penalties etc). These objects will be restored alongside the original object as part of the restoration process.

This system allows the administrator to retain information for future reference or for the authorities for an unlimited amount of time.

Digital Vehicle File: Documents

A new section in the digital vehicle file has been developed which allows administrators to manage important vehicle documents.

Type of essential documents:

  • Certificate of conformity
  • Registration Certificate
  • Vehicle Identification Card
  • Last Vehicle Inspection
  • Handover protocol
  • Accident report form

Redesign of booking details

The display of booking information in the web application has been redesigned and restructured to improve usability and aesthetic feel.

Reallocation Timing Setting

The automatic vehicle reallocation algorithm would seek to find a new vehicle 5 minutes before the next booking scheduled start. There is now a new setting that allows the administrator to configure a longer time frame.

This is relevant specifically for the scenario of a damaged or inactive vehicle. This does not affect reallocation based on eVehicle range conflicts or issues with late key return.

Warning for limited eVehicle range

If a user attempts to start a booking for an electric vehicle that has a lower estimated range than the trip distance, a warning will now be displayed, and the popup will provide an easy way to change the vehicle

Notification for offline vehicles

For vehicles with driver log generation on and Invers or Geotab device attached. If the device has been offline for 4 days we generate a warning for the administrator. The notification can be configured or turned off in the settings area. An email, push notification and web notification are available.

Contract Management Improvements

The new contract management feature has been improved with a number of small additions and adjustments.

  • Colour coded contract types in the contracts table
  • Changed generic contract card to only have common inputs to all contracts
  • Expanded the available data fields
  • Added a contract overview card
  • Expanded tax calculation logic

Edit Vehicles in Vehicle Groups

In order to improve usability and control of the new Vehicle Groups feature, it is now possible to add or remove vehicles from a group from within the details page.