Product Updates

Partial Refunds

Partial refunds can now be given during the billing process. The improvement allows to give a specific amount and add a reason why the refund was given.

User Groups | Stripe Settings Override

For customers using our payment processing feature, it is now possible to change the payment logic for each user group. In this way, user groups can have different payment processing behaviour compared to the overall system configuration.

The following settings can be individualized for user groups:

  • Allowed payment (credit cards, SEPA etc)
  • Pre-authorization sum
  • Pre-charge sum
  • Charge cycle

Leveraging this new functionality, scaled public carsharers with multiple use cases can individualize their payment behavior for each group of customers. New users, can have more stringent payment requirements compared to long time, trusted users. Municipalities can have monthly invoicing with pay by bank transfer instead of credit card requirements.

Improved mobile location map

The location map in the mobile booking process has been improved. Multiple locations in close proximity will be grouped in clusters. In this way customers with a large number of locations can provide a usable interface for finding the right location.

Mobile booking overview improvements

Vehicle information and booking overview was improved through design changes. The changes give now a better overview of all booking and vehicle information.

Contracts Exports

A new export function is available now, which allows the administrator to export an overview of all contracts. The export can help fleet managers to keep track of all existing contracts and their associated obligations.

Fuel Report Export

A fuel Export function is now available under reports. The report shows the fuel consumption over a specific period of time and for a certain vehicle, helping fleet managers keep better track of the fleets´fuel consumption.

Label Filter in Fleet Management Lists

For enterprise customers, the label feature provides a convenient filter in the following lists: Procurement, Contracts, Damages, Service & Repairs, Invoices, Drivers and Traffic Fines.

The filter allows fleet managers to combine labels and search for specific occurrences of invoices, contracts and so on.

Support Request Comment

When receiving a support request, the support manager now sees the request, including the title and comment.

Vehicle Position Privacy Enhancement

The vehicle position privacy enhancement is a new setting which disables the admin vehicle map (web and mobile) feature while a booking is ongoing. In this way, the vehicle's geographical position will be stripped out while it is on the road.

Improved Date Picker on Mobile

The date picker has been improved on the mobile application. It is now easier to pick the dates during the booking process by easily selecting year, month and day.

Booking time expiration

It is now possible for administrators to decide how long it should take for a booking to expire. Bookings usually expired after the end date and time passed. Now bookings can expire if the car is not picked up within a certain time, so that vehicles that are not used can be released earlier.

Disputed invoice state

A disputed state for invoices is now available. A disputed invoice is essentially treated as an overdue invoice that still needs to be paid.

Paid invoices where a chargeback occurs will be automatically moved into the disputed state.

Pickup/dropoff booking details

It is now possible to decide on a preferred pick-up and drop-off destination for business, private and service options. Users can search for a vehicle available in a certain area and set a preferred pick-up and drop-off destination. Whether this booking detail option is available, can be decided by the administrator.

Support and Feedback enhancement

The Support and Feedback has been enhanced through design improvements, to make it look more appealing and give a better idea of what support and feedback contains.

Driver Log trip cost specification

The driver log trip costs specification is only visible for business bookings, that now allows displaying driver log costs. The administrator can choose whether the cost information is available for a driver log trip or not.

Voucher UX enhancement on mobile

The booking detail screen that contains the voucher field has been enhanced to contain additional information.

This can for example help to explain how to use vouchers during the booking process or other steps that need further explanation.

Rental Map V2

The Rental map has been improved by adding a locator that pins the user and the car closest to the user. Also, a search bar was added that allows one to search for a random location and find the nearest available vehicle to that location. A date and time ticker is also available now and lets you select the start date and time and gives you a price estimate for the rental.

Personal Driver Log Export

As some users have multiple business cars assigned, it is now possible to do an export with a selected vehicle as part of the personal driver log export function.

Subscription Details

The Digital Vehicle File now includes Subscription Details to help carsharers keep track of their vehicles. So if the vehicle has a type of usage Subscription the following information can now be viewed in the digital vehicle file:

  • Purchased Service Package
  • Net monthly cost
  • VAT
  • Scheduled Hand-Over
  • Contract Start Date
  • Contract End Date
  • Contract Cycle (in months)
  • Termination Type

Keys & Fuel Cards check on key return

For keyless hardware without key or fuel card detection, the driver will now be reminded to leave the key and fuel card in the car upon return. Through the mobile app the driver needs to tick, that the key and the fuel car have been left inside the vehicle when returning the car at the end of the trip. This will help the fleet manager to keep track of the location of keys and fuel cards.

Birth and Nationality configuration, and NINO addition

In the personal details user registration step, the administrator can now decide whether the nationality, as well as other fields for user registration are mandatory or not. This can for example include the nationality or birth date which then are no longer necessary in order to register as a new user.

Damage status and handling improvement

The damage details have been reorganized. It is now possible to see who reported a damage and who caused it, as well as if it was reported to insurance leasing.

The new damage statuses can be classified into:

  • New
  • Reviewed
  • Service Planned
  • Repaired

Automated fee for missing fuel/charge

It is now possible to create an automatic fee that will charge the user for returning the vehicle with missing fuel or charging at the end of the booking. This will help fleet managers to protect themselves against special cases of misuse of vehicles.

Task Rules improvements

Task rules were enhanced through reorganizing the fields and clearer descriptions. Also vehicle and organization groups can now be selected and tasks can be assigned to vehicle groups.

Invoice document redesign

The invoices in fleetsters billing software were redesigned and now include additional information like a new logo as well as additional icons to give a better overview of the most important information.

Utilization Report Export

The utilization report export gives an overview of the fleet usage over a selected period of time. This helps fleet managers to identify quickly for which purpose and how often specific cars were used.

Leasing Mileage Control report

The newly added Leasing Mileage Control report gives an overview of leased vehicles in the fleet.

The report includes the total amount of mileage the vehicle has been driven since the start of the contract, the total amount of mileage allowed for the entire duration of the contract, as well as the amount of mileage allowed for the timeframe between the start of the contract and the current day.

The leasing mileage control report helps fleet managers keep track of the current status of all leased vehicles.

Driver License Check submitted photos popup

In order to better inform drivers of the current status of their driver license check, an additional popup was added. While the driver is waiting for the approval of the check, the status will now be visible through a pop-up that tells the driver if the license is still in the process of being approved.

Custom Booking Buffers

Individual booking buffers can be set by the administrator. This means that an individual buffer can be set for A to B bookings.

For example, a booking buffer of 72h after a one-way trip can be manually adjusted by an administrator at any time to increase the availability of the vehicle and to be able to adjust bookings of customers more easily. The 72h booking buffer should disappear or no longer be visible in the booking calendar view after the vehicle is returned.

Until now one-way trips were often booked as regular trips to allow two bookings within 72h for one vehicle.

Procurement Version 2

Procurement within fleetster has been improved on different levels. Additional columns and other fields were included in order to for example specify vehicle groups or to include an order date as well as expected delivery date of a defined vehicle. All the improvements in procurement were made to give fleet managers a better overview of the status of its vehicles during the procurement process.

Improved UI on Tasks

The task management has been improved by adding tabs that devide tasks into:

  • Pending
  • To Do
  • Done

The task details were also redesigned in order to create clearer descriptions and to help in keeping a better overview of the entire task management.

Vouchers - Booking List

Under the voucher details it is now possible to see the list of bookings for which vouchers were applied successfully. This gives the administrator a better overview of voucher usage.

Label filter

To help fleet task organization, a filter for labels has been added to the digital vehicle file. This allows an administrator to search for vehicles that fit certain arbitrary criteria by combining different labels into a filter.