Product Updates

Hardware Mileage on Key Management

The admin is now able to see the mileage that the hardware device is reporting in the key management section. He can then choose to finish a booking with different mileage.

Geofence Analysis Export

The new Geofence Analysis export feature allows an excel export of the geofence data including for example mileage and vehicle which helps customers to analyze their data in more detail.

Mobile booking process reuse past options

This new feature is especially useful for users who regularly book the same vehicle to the same location. When creating a new booking, location and vehicle will be preselected with information from the previous booking the user has created. This will make the booking process easier and faster for the user since he does not have to fill out the same information for every new booking.

Service Booking Expiration Exclusion

With the new service booking expiration exclusion feature, service bookings can now be included or excluded. The admin can decide whether service bookings expire or not. By default the service booking expiration exclusion is turned ON.

UVV Test Timer

The UVV section has been extended by a UVV test timer. The test timer is a new setting that limits how long a user can take on a test before it automatically fails. This will help to improve the overall quality of the UVV test section. The test needs to be completed within a certain time otherwise the user fails and has to start a new test.

Damages & Services in the Digital Vehicle File

A new section has been included in the Digital vehicle file. The new section maintenance highlights all damages and services of a vehicle. Admins can now easily view which damages and service have been assigned to a certain vehicle and take action.

Admin key management on mobile

Booking managers can now start or end bookings on mobile for other users. This allows a smooth handover of the key at the vehicle together with the driver. Allowing a review of the vehicle for damages by both the key manager and the driver. Particularly relevant in rental scenarios or car dealerships.

Intercom Integration

Intercom can be integrated with fleetster creating a new card on the mobile home screen "chat" and a new tab or option in the ? screen to initiate a chat. Once the feature is active the API integration key can be specified in the settings area. Doing so will open the intercom chat with the relevant API key.

As part of the feature, new settings were added to the Contacts feature allowing admins to enable or disable support/feedback cards from the home screen.

Setting to allow any booking type to overlap

An improvement now allows user overlap for bookings, especially for service bookings. The new setting allows user overlap in service (on by default), business (off by default), and private (off by default). The administrator can decide for which of those booking types user overlap should be allowed or not.

Setting to disable reallocation for service bookings

Service bookings are usually meant to be specific to a vehicle and shouldn't be reallocated. Now it is possible to adjust the settings for reallocation and disallow reallocation of service bookings.

One-way booking conflict reallocation

Two new settings have been added to support the admin if a conflicting situation between bookings occurs.

The system can automatically reallocate bookings to a new vehicle if the current vehicle is not at the booking's intended start location. And the system can automatically warn the user (and admins) if the vehicle is no longer at the booking's intended start location.

SCIM integration

The SCIM integration helps to enhance Single Sign-on integrations. For systems such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory which allow for SCIM integration, user provisioning can be handled by the Active directory. When a user is added to the central company AD it will also be created in fleetster. Similarly, deleting a user from the AD will deactivate the user on fleetster.

Allow admins to assign bookings to any user

With this new feature, more flexibility will be given to booking managers. They can now assign (edit) bookings to inactive users or users that are not allowed to book a car. This is only possible for booking managers using the web booking list. Booking managers can also use this change to assign a service booking to a regular user in order to drive the car to the workshop.

Updated eMobility vehicle list

The list of recognized electric vehicles has been updated to include new electric vehicles and manufacturers. The capabilities of existing vehicles have also been updated to reflect real usage data.

Automatically detect device transfer

The Geotab device has very accurate VIN detection. We use this to correctly identify when a device has been installed or transferred to a new vehicle.

Localised Address

The address format is now aware of regional differences between countries. This is especially important for international customers as addresses in other regions are in a different order.

Geo Fence Analysis filter

A new filter was introduced in the geofence analysis list for the duration. This allows the administrator to filter for geofence visits longer than a certain duration. Useful to avoid cases of a quick drive by and focus on circumstances where a visit took place within the geofence.

Contract structure upgrade

We have standardized the data structure between vehicle costs and the contract cards. Insurance components have been added as well as additional costs, that can be defined in more detail. Leasing contracts, mileage details, and purchase contract details are visible and synchronised between vehicle and contract. By adding further information to the section fleet managers will have a better and more detailed overview of their contracts and related costs.

Fleet Management performance improvements

We have improved the loading speed of three sections. The digital vehicle file, procurement, and driver license tables now load faster, improving the usability of the fleetster platform for our users. The effect is particularly relevant for enterprise customers with thousands of users.

Quick Invoice Processing

The Invoice processing can now be simplified. A new button has been included in the invoice processing section which lets you push an invoice all the way to paid, which saves time. Whether the other steps should be skipped or not can be decided by the admin.

Automated Credits

Automated Credit is a new improvement that grants credits to the user based on certain conditions:

  • Reward users for returning the vehicle with a fuel level higher than what it was when they started the booking
  • Reward users for returning the vehicle in a designated Geofence

Vehicle document for booking emails

It is now possible to include a vehicle document which will be included in booking confirmation emails as an attachment. This improvement is accessible in the Digital Vehicle File Documents section.

Traka Admin Login

In order to log in to the admin panel, an unique pin was needed. It is now possible for vehicle managers to log in with their personal pin/RFID to the admin panel.

Geotab Tap & Go automated return

The Tap & Go return mechanism has been improved. In the past, some users were confused with long and short taps. As short taps only lock a car but do not end a booking, we have added a feature that checks for ongoing tap-and-go bookings that exceeded their planned booking time. So if the booking is exceeded and the vehicle is locked, the booking will automatically be finished.

Rental Map improvements

The Rental Map has been improved. It now shows whether a vehicle is available for a certain period. Also, the vehicles are grouped if they overlap on the map. The available vehicles can then be viewed in a list.

Trustpilot integration

Trustpilot has been integrated with fleetster. The Automatic feedback service helps to track customer satisfaction. It is now possible to send a custom Trustpilot email to the mail of drivers asking them to review the service. This new integration could be interesting for car-sharers to track their performance and customer satisfaction.

Traka Tap & Go

It is now possible for certain users to gain access to a vehicle at the key cabinet without a prior booking.

Users lacking a booking entering their PIN or using their RFID will gain access to the administrative panel. When tapping one of the keys the key cabinet will attempt to create a booking for the user. If this is successful he will be allowed to retrieve the key.

This improvement requires the enterprise Tap&Go feature as well as the user being part of a user group with the Traka Tap&Go permission.

This improvement allows certain users to create bookings directly at the key cabinet and is useful for ad hoc (unplanned) vehicle access. It's often used to streamline key access without requiring the use of a smartphone or PC to create a booking.

Task user comment field

The new user comment option on tasks streamlines the communication between the user and the admin. Users can now add comments to a task after it has been completed. Admins see this commend in the task details.

Refueling import template: Deutsche Leasing

A new template was added to the refueling import section. From now on the Deutsche Leasing template is also available for imports.

Support GPS derived Odometer for GO9 devices

Calculation of mileage for customers with old cars or cars that are not completely compatible with the OBD plug has been difficult in the past. This problem has been partly solved by calculating the mileage through the device. It now retrieves the mileage value as part of the regular update call when the vehicle is driving and we store the value in the raw device state separate from standard mileage. In that way, the mileage can be calculated more accurately afterward.

Ongoing Booking Details screen improvements

A few design changes were made in the Ongoing Booking screen. The Add Damage button was removed while the remaining time card was redesigned.

Procurement Version 3.0

The Procurement section has been improved by changing the structure of the table to help customers in their daily operations. Delivery date, as well as labels, were included so that admins can now easily combine labels and filter by them.

Admin Notification on Service & Repairs

Scheduled services and repairs now notify the vehicle manager or the service manager of the scheduled service through a newly added notification. The Manager can now be notified by email or push notification of upcoming services.

Driver Log cost calculation

The driver cost calculation is a new feature to calculate employee benefits. It will calculate the costs based on the pricing rules of the vehicle and the type of usage. The costs for each driver log trip can thus be calculated.

Invoices’ connection to Contracts

This new feature makes it now possible to specify that an invoice is related to a particular contract. The invoice can then be connected to the contract and creates an easily accessible connection between both. This helps administrators keep track of the invoices and the respective contracts.

Custom Driver's License Properties

As in some countries, some of the properties for the driver's license can be different (for example in the US, UK, Canada) it is now possible for the admin to hide properties or define some of them as optional or mandatory depending on the license type and country.

Setting for damage reporting before and after booking

New settings to the damages feature allow the admins decide whether a damage review should take place at the start of the booking, the end of the booking, or both or neither. Which of these options is most suitable depends on the circumstances and thus can be set individually by the administrator.

Optional Traka RFID registration

The admin can now decide whether an RFID registration is mandatory or not. The RFID process can be changed to optional if some of the users have no RFID registered. The step of RFID registration can then be skipped in the process.