Product Updates

Task user comment field

The new user comment option on tasks streamlines the communication between the user and the admin. Users can now add comments to a task after it has been completed. Admins see this commend in the task details.

Refueling import template: Deutsche Leasing

A new template was added to the refueling import section. From now on the Deutsche Leasing template is also available for imports.

Support GPS derived Odometer for GO9 devices

Calculation of mileage for customers with old cars or cars that are not completely compatible with the OBD plug has been difficult in the past. This problem has been partly solved by calculating the mileage through the device. It now retrieves the mileage value as part of the regular update call when the vehicle is driving and we store the value in the raw device state separate from standard mileage. In that way, the mileage can be calculated more accurately afterward.

Ongoing Booking Details screen improvements

A few design changes were made in the Ongoing Booking screen. The Add Damage button was removed while the remaining time card was redesigned.

Procurement Version 3.0

The procurement section has been improved by changing the structure of the table to help customers in their daily operations. Delivery date, as well as labels, were included so that admins can now easily combine labels and filter by them.

Admin Notification on Service & Repairs

Scheduled services and repairs now notify the vehicle manager or the service manager of the scheduled service through a newly added notification. The Manager can now be notified by email or push notification of upcoming services.

Driver Log cost calculation

The driver cost calculation is a new feature to calculate employee benefits. It will calculate the costs based on the pricing rules of the vehicle and the type of usage. The costs for each driver log trip can thus be calculated.

Invoices’ connection to Contracts

This new feature makes it now possible to specify that an invoice is related to a particular contract. The invoice can then be connected to the contract and creates an easily accessible connection between both. This helps administrators keep track of the invoices and the respective contracts.

Custom Driver's License Properties

As in some countries, some of the properties for the driver's license can be different (for example in the US, UK, Canada) it is now possible for the admin to hide properties or define some of them as optional or mandatory depending on the license type and country.

Setting for damage reporting before and after booking

New settings to the damages feature allow the admins decide whether a damage review should take place at the start of the booking, the end of the booking, or both or neither. Which of these options is most suitable depends on the circumstances and thus can be set individually by the administrator.

Optional Traka RFID registration

The admin can now decide whether an RFID registration is mandatory or not. The RFID process can be changed to optional if some of the users have no RFID registered. The step of RFID registration can then be skipped in the process.