Product Updates

Support Requests

A new section in the web administrative platform allows oversight of all ongoing or past support requests.

Vehicle Swap (Mobile)

An administrative utility on the mobile application allows a quick and easy swap of two vehicles. This feature (once enabled) allows an administrator to replace two vehicles swapping the location and bookings information of two vehicles.

Task Rule for new Vehicles or Users

A new trigger type has been implemented for the automated tasks (task rules). The "creation" trigger will generate a new task for vehicles or users when they are added to the system. This is useful for deciding a set of onboarding tasks that need to be performed when new users or vehicles are introduced into the system.

Dynamic Fuel Capacity Calculation

An intelligent algorithm has been implemented which calculates the maximum fuel capacity of Geotab equipped vehicles from the diagnostic information received over time.

Driver license check enhanced UI for new users

The popup allowing admins to add new users to the driver license control module has been redesign, restructured and enhanced to improve usability and performance for customers with thousands of drivers.

One Way Bookings Control in Vehicle Group Access

The one-way booking rules for customers with the feature enabled can now be centrally controlled from the vehicle group access rule details.

CSV Export of all Driver Logs

A new export that will export all driverlogs (regardless of vehicle) in a single CSV.