Geofencing analyses for the vehicle fleet

8. Aug 2023

fleetster now offers the possibility to easily export geofencing analyses.

Export geofence analysis and create invoices

The new geofence analysis export function enables an Excel export of geofence data, including, for example, mileage and vehicle. The analysis reports enable fleet managers to create individual reports on driver behavior and routes, allowing companies to determine, for example, whether drivers are taking unnecessary detours or spending too long on the road. The reports can also be used to create individual invoices for customers. For example, winter services can track exactly how long their vehicles have been in the customer's area and create invoices based on the exported data. Geofence analysis is thus not only helpful for optimizing driving behavior and routes and increasing fleet efficiency but also for creating invoices for customers more quickly and accurately.

The reports can be easily downloaded individually for each vehicle via the analysis area under Geo & Tracking.

Geofence Export
Geofence Export

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a technology used to virtually demarcate geographic areas by drawing a virtual fence around a given area and then automatically notifying a system such as fleetster when a particular person, device or object enters or leaves the demarcated area.

The technology is based on the use of GPS and cellular data, as well as other technologies such as WLAN and Bluetooth beacon technologies. In fleet management, geofencing is used to track vehicle fleet and movement, which is particularly useful for winter services or large corporate fleets, for example.

Using geofencing analysis, an organization such as a winter maintenance company can set up geofencing to monitor whether vehicles stay within a defined geographic area or whether they travel outside the defined area. Geofencing analysis can then be used to identify potential problems, such as unnecessary detours or delays.

In addition, geofencing analysis can also be used to optimize vehicle routes by providing real-time information about the location of vehicles, allowing routes to be adjusted in real time.

Geo Fencing
Geo Fencing