fleetster Geo & Tracking for Winter Services

Winter services have to document exactly when and where they have cleared roads from snow in order to avoid legal consequences. This can be very time-consuming and take up unnecessary time if they have a high number of customers. fleetster supports winter services with a simple and effective solution. Geo & Tracking offers a geofence analysis that shows exactly when and how long the winter service has been in the customer's area.

What are winter services?

In winter, winter services are used to clear roads, sidewalks, parking lots and other public places of snow and ice. In particular, cities, municipalities, public transport companies or other public institutions like to use them to ensure traffic safety and people's freedom of movement and to fulfill their legal obligations to clear sidewalks of snow. But private property owners also hire winter services to clear their sidewalks and driveways of snow and ice.

Do winter services have to document where they cleared roads from snow?

Depending on the law and regulations of the states and municipalities, it may be mandatory to clear sidewalks and sidewalks of snow and ice after snowfall. This is the only way to ensure the safety of passers-by. Therefore, to prevent legal consequences, it is always advisable to keep sidewalks clear, thus reducing the risk of falls and accidents.

It is therefore also necessary for winter services booked by private individuals, companies or public bodies to record where and to what extent they have carried out their work, using paper records or electronic systems that can prove that the winter service has properly cleared their customers' areas of snow and ice in the event of a dispute or lawsuit.

fleetsters solution for winter services

fleetster offers with the Geo & Tracking Software an ideal solution for winter services. If the winter service equips its clearing vehicles with OBD plugs the Geo & Tracking software can be used to record exactly when, where and for how long a snow removal vehicle was active in the customer´s area. Due to the often large number of customers, documenting the extent to which the snow removal vehicle was active in the customer's area is very time-consuming.

fleetster offers the possibility with the help of a so-called Geofence to simplify tracking. A geofence is a virtual fence. This geofence is important for tracking when the vehicle enters and leaves the virtual boundary.

The winter road clearance service can thus use the fleetster Geo & Tracking software to define a geofence for each customer and to track it via the Geofence Analyse. Thanks to the OBD connector in the vehicle, this happens completely automatically. No more time-consuming documentation is required, and winter services can prove at any time exactly when and to what extent the snow removal vehicle was active in their customer's area.