Create geofences and track when a vehicle enters and exits.

Advantages of geofences in the fleet

Location tracking

Geofences allow you to track the location of your vehicles in real time. You can monitor where your vehicles are and whether they are moving within their assigned areas.

Route optimization

By setting up geofences, you can optimize the routes. You can define specific areas that you want your vehicles to pass through or avoid.

Record vehicle arrival & departure times

You can define areas at customer locations and automatically record vehicle arrival and departure times.

Cost savings

By optimizing routes, avoiding unnecessary trips, and managing fleets efficiently, geofences can help save money.

Theft protection

Geofencing can serve as a security measure to prevent or detect vehicle theft. If a vehicle leaves the defined geographic area, you can be notified immediately.

Alarms & Notifications

You can be notified when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific area to ensure vehicles stay on the proper routes and within the allowed limits.

Create Geofences & Analyze Fleet Data

Many of our customers with a service fleet use geo-fences to mark the location of each customer. Simply put, a geo-fence is an area that you can create in our system, and when a vehicle with Telematics or CarSharing Kit enters or leaves that area, it is automatically recorded.

In addition to creating geo-fences, data can also be exported in Excel format, which is convenient for our customers as it allows them to easily document where their vehicles have been on the road and also create invoices on this basis.

Create notifications allowing companies to be notified, for example, when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific area.

You want to track your fleet with Geo-Fences?

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