OBD-plug and electronic key cabinet for motor pools

Not only the handing over of keys can be automated, but also the transfer of data from the vehicles.

Transfer mileage and fuel level automatically to the electronic key box

Data transfer without GPS / Workers' Council compliant

The collection of information with which the routes can be determined is usually rejected by the workers' council. For this reason, fleetster only transmits the mileage and, optionally, the fuel levels as soon as the vehicle is near the return location.

Full control

All key pick-ups and returns are automatically documented and can be retrieved at any time. Notifications can be set up for overdue key returns.

Fixed installation of the OBD-plug possible

OBD-plugs are often disconnected or removed by users because of the fear that their own journey could be recorded and evaluated. Therefore, there is the possibility to install the plug behind the fitting in a fixed and inaccessible position.

Key management system for motor pooling with automatic vehicle data transfer

Automating key management with a key cabinet reduces the workload for fleet managers and/or reception, security service or other parties who are to hand over the keys. The users who benefit most are those who have access to the keys 24/7 and can start and end their bookings at any time they wish.

However, there is a second part of the process that can lead to many errors and thus to work: the data transfer.

A fleet manager usually wants to know mileage with which a vehicle was returned. Fuel levels of the vehicle can also be of interest. In this regard, however, fleet managers are dependent on the driver's willingness to cooperate, since the drivers usually enter the information manually. Errors often occur because drivers have not noted down the values correctly and do not want to return to the car to gather the correct pieces of information for returning the vehicle.

Usage of OBD-plug either via plug & play or fixed installation possible

OBD-plugs are known for their easy handling - after the data-plug is plugged into the vehicle, it connects to the fleetster platform and starts the data transfer. Thanks to the advanced software-hardware combination, you can set up the fleetster live system in under an hour.

To increase user-experience, you also have the option to install the data-plug behind the interior panels of your vehicle. For this we use a so-called T-Harness, which duplicates the OBD port in the vehicle, leaving it free for occasional visits to the workshop. The T-Harness is your solution to never have to remove the OBD-plug again.

Whether you just want to plug in the data-plug or install it permanently - the installation of the OBD-plug is uncomplicated. fleetster partner Geotab explains in this video how to install the data-plug permanently in your vehicle in under 2 minutes.

Data transfer with OBD-plug

The data-plug has a SIM card and can therefore transfer the desired information at any time. When using a key cabinet, transmissions are limited to the extent that only they only take place when the vehicle is located close to the key cabinet. For fleet managers, information is only visible when the user finishes his trip at the key cabinet. During the journey, no data will be visible for admins and drivers.

Possible connection to my electronic driver log

As soon as the OBD-plug is installed, you have created the basis for the use of an Electronic Driver Log. The driver of the pool vehicle is asked to document the stops before completion of his booking. For this purpose, he can also see the GPS data-points of his trip and categorize the trips into the following categories accordingly:

  • Business trip
  • Private trip
  • Commute
  • Mixed trip

As required by law, all GPS locations are held confidential and are only visible to the user. Admins have no access to live locations in the Driver Log software and further, are to be considered as system administrators only. They only receive notifications if users have not filled in the Driver Log correctly or in time.

Personal Consultation

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