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Geotab is fleetster's strong telematics partner. Here you will find all important information about Geotab, the compatible products and their functionality.

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What's the fleetster software capable of delivering?

fleetster - a software company that has been in the fleet management and car sharing market for over 10 years. What started off with the idea of offering companies a possibility to share pool vehicles with their employees internally, step by step turned into a B2B-mobility platform that today, is capable of covering a plethora of different use-cases and fleet needs.

In our software product portfolio, you can see all of the products we are offering to companies across the world. From Fleet Management, over Corporate Car Sharing, to Logbooks and Geo & Tracking.

All of these products are available on a White Label. You are getting your own backend and frontend of the fleetster platform, which will allow you to manage your clients through fleetster.

fleetster mobility platform
fleetster mobility platform

What do the reseller conditions look like?

A fruitful collaboration is created if both parties are happy with the agreement and can create a solid business case that lasts. We are not interested in making the quick buck, but much rather want to make a partnership work, so that we can conquer the world together.

We offer dedicated reseller pricing which is based on the clients' fleet sizes. If you are interested in learning more about reseller pricing, do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to calculate the business case with you and speak of our experiences with different clients and similar use cases.

fleetster fully white label compatible
fleetster fully white label compatible

My customers are interested in fleetster - what's the process for onboarding?

fleetster is there to help. Our dedicated sales team knows the software by heart and will provide information where needed.

Generally speaking: we want to train you to become fleetster experts. So if your clients are having issues with finding their way through the software, we will provide all necessary tools to you to resolve all issues. Of course, we are always there to help if anything more severe is coming up.

Get in touch and see how simple fleetster is and what you can do with our B2B mobility platform.

You would like to know more about reselling fleetster and its integrated hardware components?

Feel free to contact us - our team of fleet experts will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance and will be happy to set up a live system for you to test - even with hardware.

fleetster reseller collaboration
fleetster reseller collaboration