Green Mobility

Green Mobility

27. Jan 2022

fleetster decided to become a CO2 neutral company in 2021. we now offset our emissions, but that doesn't go far enough for us. to really make a difference, we need to prevent emissions, not offset them.

fleetster goes green!

It has always been our goal to make the world a little bit better with our software and we know that fleets can make a significant contribution to CO2 savings. And that is exactly what we now want to help fleets do.

However, we don't want to make a business out of it and want to make entry into the topic as attractive as possible. Until the 1.5C° global warming target is not undercut, we are therefore offering the Green Fleet software functions free of charge.

Features include:

  1. eVehicle Score - helps to find out which vehicles can be replaced by eAutos today.
  2. Charging Capacity Planner - helps companies to check what charging capacity needs to be distributed to how many charging stations.
  3. CO2 counter
  4. CO2 compensation
  5. Green Driving Board - Gamification for the workforce to compete with colleagues. The most sustainable driving behavior wins.

The first product is already ready and can be tested. All other features will follow this year. The products require a fleetster data contract.

1.5 degreesTarget
1.5 degreesTarget