Green Fleet software is free of charge

We will help fleets to transition to Green Mobility at low costs.

Our Products

eVehicle Score

Drivers can check which electric car would suit their current driving behavior.

Charging Capacity Planning

Companies can plan their infra structure investments based on the current driving behavior.

CO₂ Counter

A counter helps to set the goals for future emission-reductions.

CO₂ Offsetting

We will make it possible to offset existing emissions.

Green Driving Leaderboard

Drivers can compete for the lowest emissions in their vehicle category.

Questions you might have:

What is the catch?
Well, the products only work, if you already use a fleetster product with a data tariff (e.g. trip logbook / geo & tracking). Without data the products simply do not work. However, there is no catch.

Why is it free of charge?
We just don’t want allow any “excuses”. It is understandable that sustainability is not the top-priority of many of our customers. We want to offer a simply start into the product.

Are they serious?
Indeed! The eVehicle Score shall help to find a suitable electric car based on the current driving behavior with the existing car. Feel free to reach out, if you would like to test the solution already.