fleetster is a CO₂ Neutral Company

Why is fleetster doing that?

We consider it evident that companies should give their best make sure that global warming does not accelerate further.

With our software, we can offer our customers a tool to reduce the emissions of their fleet.

Of course, we will try to make a good example out of ourselves and are compensating for all of our CO₂ emissions. Our servers are already CO₂-neutral, and we computed our company emissions for 2021, rounded the number up, doubled it, and invested in planting trees that help local communities.

We will repeat the same process every year and try to reduce our emissions further.

Our real contribution

We will build a set of features that will help companies to transition to a Green Fleet. Those features will be free of charge until the 1,5C° target for global warming was undercut.

How we did the math


Are creating the largest part of our emissions.


We are using a green electricity contract for over 7 years.


Most of our team takes the bike or public transport.


Not much we can improve there, but to compensate.

Business Travel

We are keeping travel at a minimum and use digital tools.