Geotab Extend Conference

Geotab is a strong partner of fleetster. The conference 'Geotab Extend' presented the 5 best providers for car sharing software worldwide. fleetster is one of them - see the fleetster presentation here.

fleetster and Geotab

This fruitful collaboration came about in 2020 when Geotab announced that fleetster was one of the 5 car sharing software providers to integrate Geotab's new Keyless Go device.

fleetster has always put the product and therefore the customer first. We have been in the mobility market for 10 years and our software mobility platform resembles this experience.

Since fleetster's focus is exclusively on software development and deployment, a partnership with a stable hardware partner like Geotab is essential.

fleetster at the Geotab Extend Conference

Geotab gave all 5 CarSharing providers the opportunity to present its integrated software solution. fleetster presented the mobility platform and related hardware integrations tailored to customers with a wide range of applications.

In addition, Tim Ruhoff, CEO and founder of fleetster, presented interesting data and facts regarding the development of the utilization of customer fleets during and before Corona. Interesting trends and tendencies could be identified.

Geotab Extend - fleetster presentation review

Sit back and go full screen - watch Tim Ruhoff's, fleetster CEO and founder, presentation at the Geotab Extend conference in full here.

We explain how the fleetster software works, especially in combination with the different hardware components. How a collaboration with fleetster looks like, you can see towards the end of the video.