Open key cabinet with employee ID card

Since June 2021 you have the possibility to open fleetster's key cabinets simply with an employee ID card. It is up to you whether you want to secure the process with an additional PIN.

Everything at hand. Advantages of the fleetster key cabinet

No maintenance costs

Key cabinets are centrally maintained and updated from the cloud, so you pay no maintenance fees and benefit from constantly improving hardware.

24/7 - always available

Key cabinets also work outside the working hours of fleet managers or receptionists.

Full control

All key withdrawals and key returns are automatically documented and can be retrieved at any time. Notifications can be set up for overdue key returns.

Key management in the fleet is now even easier

Our key cabinets used to open either with the correct user pin (only if there was a valid booking at the time the pin was entered) or a combination of pin + driver's licence/employee ID.

Customers with strong security measures on their company premises asked us to allow access to the key cabinet without a pin and only with an employee ID (driving licence would also be possible).

We have now made this service fully customisable and added settings on the cabinet to make any of the above combination selectable.

Automate your key management system

Manual key management is costly and time-consuming - this applies to fleet managers as well as employees and colleagues. Keeping track of this is a full-time job for the fleet management team because keys often get lost, are hung back in other places or simply cannot be found.

With an electronic key cabinet, you have the possibility to map this complete process. All bookings, key withdrawals and key returns are recorded in the fleetster system and can be viewed online at any time. Would you like to leave the key chaos behind and regain full control over your keys?

Personal consultation

Our fleet experts will be happy to provide you with a personal consultation. Benefit from the expert knowledge of our team and discuss all open questions and ambiguities regarding the requirements of your fleet.