Telematics systems for vehicle fleets

Here are fleetster's telematics systems and Car Sharing systems for your fleet: OBD-Plug, Car Sharing Kit and Electronic Key Cabinet.

fleetsters integrations of Car Sharing Hardware and telematics systems

Key Cabinet

Pool car keys are securely stored in the key cabinet and can be accessed by users via RFID or PIN.


OBD-Plugs record all trips and send information such as mileage, fuel level or GPS to the system.

Car Sharing Kit

A robust solution for a keyless booking process and the transfer of vehicle data for Corporate Car Sharing.

Electronic Key Cabinet from Traka

With Traka's key cabinet system you have the possibility to automate the complete key transfer process. The key cabinet is a reliable solution for managing vehicle keys. Keys can only be removed or returned if there is an appropriate booking or allocation - protecting vehicles from theft and unauthorised access.

Thanks to the documentation in the cloud system of fleetster, you can always track where your keys and vehicles are and who booked the vehicle last.

OBD-Plug from Geotab

OBD-Plugs can make daily tasks easier for fleet managers and provide a simple overview of the fleet's vehicle movements. The OBD-Plug serves as an interface between the vehicles and a digital software system like fleetster. Because thanks to an installed OBD-Plug, the collection of vehicle data begins as soon as the engine is started. Information such as GPS, fuel level, and mileage can be transmitted live via the OBD-Plug.

Car Sharing Kit CloudBoxx by Invers

fleetster cooperates with one of the market leaders for telematics systems regarding the sharing hardware: Invers. Invers offers a very robust solution that enables the opening and closing mechanism via smartphone, RFID or remotely.

The so-called Car Sharing Kit is installed in a vehicle. The Kit remains behind the panel and is therefore invisible to the user.

All data points can be viewed in real time via the admin's web app, giving system administrators an overview at all times of where a pool car is, who last used the vehicle and what the current actual condition of the vehicle is.

Car Sharing Kit Geotab Keyless

Geotab launched the new Car Sharing Kit - Geotab keyless - in 2020 with the world's five leading car sharing software providers. fleetster has already integrated the car sharing hardware into the software platform and linked it to all existing systems and functions.

Geotab Keyless accesses the original vehicle data via the OBD port. So this Car Sharing Kit is very easy to handle in installation and synchronization.

Furthermore, Geotab Keyless can be equipped with a so-called T-Harness, which duplicates the OBD port and thus keeps it free for workshop visits.

fleetster and Geotab

This fruitful collaboration was formed in 2020 when Geotab announced that fleetster was one of the 5 Car Sharing Software providers to integrate Geotab's new Keyless Go device.

fleetster has always put the product first and hence the customer. We have been working in the mobility market for the past 10 years and our mobility platform resembles that experience.

Learn more about fleetster and the fleetster software, in this video, which was shot at the Geotab Extend conference 2021.

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