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Certified Data Security / GDPR

fleetster has always secured data on the highest industry standards. In April 2018 we went through the full certification process of TÜV SÜD for data security to officially prove to our customers that personal data is indeed safe at fleetster.

TÜV SÜD has certified our data processing contract.

Available worldwide

80,000+ users from over 28 countries, supporting 9 languages

German Cloud Software

GDPR Compliant

Your data is safe with us. Our German data centers are ISO 27001 / 27017 / 27701 certified. The service undergoes regular internal and external security tests. German and EU data privacy law apply.

Cloud Software

Our Software is hosted on scalable servers which guarantee the highest performance anytime and anywhere. Regular backups protect your files and data.

First-Class Support

Our professional support team is looking forward to your phone call or email. We love helping our customers and receiving feedback that can improve our system.


For sustainable companies we offer advanced features for managing electric vehicles: cutting edge range estimation algorithm, electric vehicle compatibility checks etc.


We are completely independent as a company. We chose or projects and chose fairness and groth-potential over brands and money.

100% Sustainable

We are committed to a sustainable future. All our servers are CO2 neutral running on electricity from 100% renewable sources. Our offices and business activities are also CO2 neutral.

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deer e-Carsharing

"Originally we started with car sharing for our own company. The project was so successful, that we started to offer it to other companies."


"The implementation of fleetster pays off since the first day - we are saving 90% of the former costs."

Athlon Car2Use

"Car2Use is our digital solution to integrate electric cars and innovative mobility services into fleets."


"Our 500 cars are placed in over 80 Telekom locations in Germany. All cars are equipped with a car sharing kit."

das Stadtwerk.Earl

"Our leasing contracts were set to 15.000 km based on our expectations. After 2 years we returned the cars with over 100.000 km each."

Deutsche Post

Enabling a car sharing solution with electronic key cabinet, driver license control and SSO integration into Microsoft Azure AD.


Powering the Van2Share solution: The most trusted innovative platform to manage and share commercial vehicles.

More customer references

Read more from our happy customers on our references page.

OBD-Plug and Keyless from Geotab

Geotab is considered the #1 commercial telematics vendor worldwide. Our fruitful collaboration was formed in 2020 when Geotab announced that fleetster would be one of the 5 Car Sharing software providers to integrate Geotab's new Keyless Go device.

The fleetster-Geotab integration supports both data-only connections via the OBD-Plug or fully-fledged connected car through the Keyless Go module.

CarSharing Kit CloudBoxx by Invers

INVERS – the inventor of automated carsharing – is an independent tech company dedicated solely to innovating for the shared mobility space, with pioneering hardware solutions.

The collaboration with fleetster started in 2013 when Invers provided a prototype of the new cloudboxx hardware scheduled to be launched in 2014. We quickly understood that this was a superior product to the other offerings on the market. Since then, we have been operating thousands of vehicles equipped with Invers and are happy to state the device with serial number 10 is still up and running so many years later after having gone through 10+ vehicle exchanges.

Electronic Key Cabinet from Traka

Traka and fleetster have a long-standing special partnership going back to 2011. The integration between our services was initially based on the old model of the Traka key cabinet.

Traka approached us in 2014 with the next generation device prototype and allowed us to develop a custom integration directly into the hardware.

We now offer the most advanced integration into the Traka hardware offering unparalleled functionality and reliability for the purpose of car sharing.