New App Design

1. Jun 2020 | By Tim Ruhoff

We have redesigned and restructured the application to improve your experience with the mobile app

We have a new app for you

With these changes, you should be able to see a more streamlined navigation, a more intuitive home screen and a faster and more responsive experience.

This page should give you some insights into some of the changes you'll be able to see when you update your app.

The home screen

One of the bigger differences you'll be able to see is on our home screen. We have moved away from the bubbles and hamburger menu towards a card-based system and a tab bar navigation.

In the home screen, you'll see the main actions that you can perform. Most of the time it'll be your corporate car sharing features.

If you can book any type of bookings all 3 cards will be displayed as is represented in the image.

If your user's permissions are more limited the cards will adapt in size to show them the booking types that they can perform. If you have a booking scheduled your home screen will adapt itself to show it to you.

This will enable you to start the booking or go to a booking if it has been already released.

If you have multiple bookings that you can release or return at the same time as is with service bookings, you'll have a quick link to all of those bookings.

The Navigation

We have completely changed the navigation system that we use. Now instead of the bubbles you'll see this tab bar in the bottom of your app.

Replacing the bubbles with a tab

This bar is accessible from any of its entries. You can move between the Home, Vehicles and Bookings without the need of going back to the home screen like you would need with the previous version.

We have also moved and renamed some features around.

The most noticeable of these changes is with the Fleet Master Access feature now renamed Vehicles.

This section is the second entry on your tab bar if you have the feature active and has not changed in functionality.

Here you can access your vehicles either from the list or from the map.

The bookings section

We have also added the functionality of managing other user's bookings if you have the Booking for Colleagues feature active and the Alias Booker permission.

From the Bookings section you can see and edit your own bookings on the My Bookings tab or your user's bookings in the Other Bookings tab.

The booking card has been changed in order for you to see and search the driver associated with the booking.

The user profile

The Driver Log feature is also present in the tab bar navigation if you are one of our active beta testers.

The last entry of our new navigation is the Profile. This section contains the information that used to be in the hamburger menu present in the previous home screen design.

Here you will be able to access your settings as well as all legal documentation in the About section.

The version number of the installed app is also present in this screen.

Alias-booking on mobile

As we have said previously you now have the ability to manage other user's bookings in the Bookings section of the app.

But another feature introduced in the app is the ability to choose the driver for any booking while you create it on mobile.

For this to be active you also need to have the Booking for Colleagues feature active and the Alias Booker permission.

Feedback and Support

And last but by no means least, we have activated the Feedback and Support feature to all of our customers in order to hear your feedback and help you in this transition.

You and your users will be able to access it directly on the home page of the mobile app in one of the cards present.

If you want to receive this information or provide other methods of support for your users, you can always go to the settings on the web client and edit the information on the Contact Information section.