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Motor pools should not be managed via Outlook or Excel

Oftentimes companies assume that using Outlook or Excel to manage motor pool is the quickest way. In reality, the time that is invested handling exceptions and cleaning up could be used more efficiently.
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There are many reasons why companies should stop using Outlook and Excel for their motor pool management.

App & Web Bookings
Users can book vehicles directly via their smartphone or the browser. Admins can restrict bookings by giving out only certain permissions or authorizing them later.
Data Security
Since a professional software uses specific roles with which you can exercise only certain rights, users can only see what they are supposed to see. All data is stored in a high security hosting facility in Frankfurt, Germany.
Process & Automation
Booking a pool car involves more than just a time slot to book. Driving licence check, logbook, delays are all not covered with a solution through Outlook or Excel.

A Corporate Car Sharing software made to save time

What are the 10 biggest differences that our Corporate Car Sharing software has to Outlook?
1. No Double Bookings
Nothing is worse than a double booking on a vehicle. Especially with two important customer appointments. This scenario will not happen to you with fleetster since it is impossible for two people to book a vehicle at the same time.
2. Automatic Rebooking if delayed
When a driver is late, fleetster looks for alternatives as a follow-up booking. If another vehicle is available, fleetster will rebook the trip so that it takes place despite the delay. If no other vehicle is available, a message is sent to the administrators so that they can respond and look for a solution.
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3. Key Management
fleetster takes care of the key handover so that keys do not get lost. The person responsible for key management has all information at a glance. Furthermore, there is the possibility to automate the key handover with the help of an electronic key cabinet.
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4. Automatic Reports
These reports show you potential savings. fleetster creates an overview of all data of your fleet. With just one click you can find out how many bookings were made per day, how much revenue was generated by pool vehicles and how many vehicles were booked.
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5. Visual Representation
In fleetster, administrators have a simple overview of all fleet and vehicle movements. They see all bookings at a glance and can change and move bookings in the booking calendar, so that the motor pool management remains clear to all users.

fleetster is the solution for both, your organization and everyone who needs to book a vehicle in a simple and quick manner.

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6. Driving Licence Check

The fleet manager should ensure every 6 months that all drivers have a valid driving licence. fleetster offers the possibility of an electronic driving licence check. This can be done either manually, via photo upload with your smartphone or via a terminal. The driving licence check is fully integrated into the fleetster mobility platform, which offers a module for pool-vehicle-management in addition to the function for managing pool vehicles.

7. Fleet Management

In addition to motor pools, many fleets also have a certain fleet that is assigned to certain employees. This is often referred to as company cars. The fleetster mobility platform offers, in addition to the function to manage pool vehicles, also a module for fleet management. Here, company cars can be assigned to employees, costs can be monitored, and drivers can be managed.
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8. Electronic Logbook

fleetster also offers a pool vehicle logbook solution as an extension to the motor pool management. Vehicle data is collected via an OBD plug, sent to the fleetster system and displayed in a logbook. If required, admins and users can export a tax compliant logbook.

9. Booking Vehicle Categories

Alternatively, you also have the option that your employees can only book a certain vehicle category. This becomes especially important in large fleets, and protects against employees picking so-called favorite vehicles and booking them all the time.

10. Sending Appointments to calendar

By means of an ICS file, users can enter the bookings they have made into their Google or Outlook calendar. This allows administrators to ensure that employees do not miss any appointments. Furthermore, reminders can be implemented that send an email or push notification to the user at a selected time before the booking.

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