Truqit uses fleetster to offer a station-based carsharing service for pickup trucks in New York.

Your virtual friend with a pickup truck in New York

In America, having a friend with a pickup truck can be a lifesaver for moving, hauling, or simply transporting goods. But what if you don't have that friend or the right vehicle for the job? That's where TRUQIT comes in - a virtual friend with a pickup truck that just launched their service in New York.

What sets TRUQIT apart is their station-based car-sharing model, which provides a convenient and reliable option for those who only need a car occasionally. Compared to free-float-car-sharing, station-based car-sharing can be booked in advance and provides a designated pickup and drop-off location.

Renting a pickup truck in New York city with fleetster

TRUQIT makes it easy to book their pickup trucks online through the fleetster platform. With just a few clicks, you can reserve a truck for the time and location that works best for you. TRUQIT has secured designated parking spots throughout the city of New York, making it easy for users to pick up and return their vehicles without the hassle of finding parking. This is a great example of how station-based car-sharing can be versatile and provide a solution to specific transportation needs.

Whether you need a vehicle for a quick errand or a weekend getaway, TRUQIT makes it easy and convenient to access a pickup truck in New York.

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