Digital Vehicle File

All vehicle-relevant data in one place, exportable and editable at any time.

View important vehicle info with the digital vehicle file:

Vehicle details

Collect all the important information about the vehicle in the vehicle details.

Driver Details

All information about drivers, driver's license details and checks can be viewed here.

Services & Damages

Keep track of vehicle damage and upcoming service appointments.

Documents & Contracts

Upload documents and contracts such as leasing, insurance or maintenance agreements.

View invoices

All invoices related to the vehicle can be viewed and filtered by invoice number or date.

Financing & Insurance Costs

Always keep an eye on costs, whether it's financing or insurance costs.

Keep track with the digital vehicle file

All relevant information about a vehicle can be collected and stored in the digital vehicle file. This includes, for example, technical data, maintenance and repair histories, insurance and financing data, and all vehicle documents. Thanks to central storage and simple administration, the digital vehicle file enables efficient fleet management and better use of vehicles. It also allows processes such as maintenance, repair, or administration to be better controlled.

The digital vehicle file is part of the Excel Killer version, which can be used for only 1€ per month per vehicle. Besides the Excel Killer version, the digital vehicle file is of course also part of the PRO and ENTERPRISE version.

The most important functions at a glance

1. All data at a glance
Accident pictures, invoices, policies, police reports or vehicle registration documents but also all other original documents can be optimally managed and filed.

2. Order and memory function
You will experience that it is now very easy to save your sales contracts and documents and to assign them to the respective vehicle.

3. The ingenious reminder function
There are many documents for which an appointment is necessary, so if you have stored an appointment for certain documents, you can simply set a push message as a reminder notification by e-mail.

Save costs and time through intelligent fleet management

The intelligent document storage system makes it possible to maintain an exact overview for each individual vehicle and to assign newly added documents correctly and immediately.

If a clause needs to be looked up in the insurance document for a particular vehicle, this should of course not have to be laboriously searched for under a pile of papers. This is not the only reason why intelligent document storage is so important in contract and fleet management. A confusing, unruly flood of papers can not only accumulate avoidable costs in contract management, but also waste a lot of time. Contract management and the digital file on the vehicle therefore not only ensure a quick overview of vehicle stock and expiring contracts, but also noticeably minimize the administrative flood.

You want to manage your fleet in the digital vehicle file?

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