Contract management in the vehicle fleet

Manage contracts in fleetster and reduce administrative effort

Advantages contract management in fleetster

Reduce administrative effort

All contracts are centralized and organized, saving time and reducing administrative overhead.


Processes such as contract monitoring and renewal are automated, reducing manual processes and saving time.

Cost control

Keep an eye on contracts and recognize contract conditions such as notice periods, contract extensions and price increases in time.

Link invoices with contracts

Link invoices to contracts and keep track of invoices for specific contracts.

Export contracts

Export overview of all contracts so that fleet managers can keep track of all existing contracts and associated obligations.

Upload contracts as pdf or photo

Upload the contract as pdf or photo and have quick access to all important contracts.

Contract management with fleetster

With Contract management fleet managers have the possibility to save contracts in fleetster.

Each contract can be assigned to a specific category, given a deadline, and assigned to a vehicle. You can enter an unlimited number of contracts per vehicle - and you can also attach a PDF or photo of the contract.

fleetster's new contract management replaces paper-based contract management in the office.

You want to manage contracts in fleetster?

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