OBD-plug to manage your fleet

OBD-plug for fleet management: keep full track of the movements of your fleet

Real-time fleet data transfer thanks to connection to OBD-plug

Digitalization has increased noticeably in German small and medium-sized enterprises in recent years. Digitalization does not stop at a company's vehicle fleet. Against the backdrop of the complex tasks and control obligations of a fleet manager, companies figure out whether OBD-plugs can meet their requirements of professional fleet management.
OBD-plugs can make daily tasks easier for fleet managers and provide a simple overview of the fleet's vehicle movements. The OBD-plugs serve as an interface between the vehicles and a digital software system such as fleetster. Thanks to an installed OBD-plug, the collection of vehicle data begins as soon as the engine is started. Information such as GPS, fuel level, and mileage can be transmitted live by means of the OBD-plug.
Based on this, the fleet managers have a central overview of all vehicles and can set alarms based on kilometres driven in order to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance work - without having to check each vehicle manually.

Here you can see how the OBD plug is installed and linked to the fleetster software.