4 steps to set up Geotab in fleetster

Geotab is the strongest telematics partner of fleetster. Setting up the system is quick and easy. Here are the 4 necessary steps to test the fleetster system with the Geotab hardware.

4 Steps to go live with fleetster and Geotab

fleetster is an official software partner of Geotab. fleetster has integrated two different hardware options: The Geotab OBD-Plug and the Geotab Keyless Box for Car Sharing. The installation of the innovative OBD-Plug is not complicated and can be done by anyone. For the Geotab Keyless Box it requires an experienced car mechanic.

The linking of the telematics hardware with the fleetster software, we have listed and explained in the following in 4 simple steps:

  1. Create a fleetster Account
  2. Configure the Account
  3. Link both Systems
  4. Create and configure vehicles

Step 1: Create a fleetster Account

The whole process starts with the fleetster account. If you don't already have your own test system, register under this link Online demo and leave some information regarding your fleet and needs.

Our sales team will create a suitable test system for you in no time at all. The fleetster software is completely free of charge for the first 30 days, after which the test account expires automatically, so you do not have to provide credit card details or cancel a subscription.

Step 2: Configure the Account

Once you have a test system, you can test on your own. At the beginning, all basic functions are activated in fleetster. If possible, create correct vehicle, location and user data to put the system through its paces. Test the system and try yourself out - there are many functions to discover.

If you discover interesting features during testing that are not yet activated, feel free to activate them. Our sales team will contact you regularly during the test phase to answer any questions you may have, to activate additional functions and clear up any ambiguities.

Try it out - the fleetster software is self-explanatory!

Step 3: Link both Systems

If you are interested in a live test of the Geotab hardware components in the fleetster software, please let us know. For Geotab customers (Geotab devices are already installed) the process is as follows.

In your fleetster company account you can start the linking process. You will get the possibility to deposit your existing Geotab account in the fleetster system in the side menu under "Hardware" > "OBD connector". Make sure that the account to be deposited in the Geotab system has admin rights, otherwise complications will arise. Ideally, create a separate admin account that is only used for this integration.

Add your Geotab account information, which you can view in your Geotab account, and then you can view your devices and assign serial numbers. This would complete the configuration process, access is established, and the systems are linked.

* If you would like to test the new Geotab Keyless for CarSharing, make sure you have selected the correct plan with Geotab. It is essential that the "Continuous Connect" setting is active for the Geotab device

Step 4: Create and configure vehicles

After the hardware has been installed and you have linked the systems, all that remains is to create the vehicles and assign them to the correct devices.

To do this, go to "Platform" > "Vehicles" > "Add vehicle" and store the vehicles that you would like to link to the OBD connector or keyless device. To do this, it requires information such as vehicle type and make, license plate number and mileage. Then use your app or the web app in the fleetster admin account and link the vehicles to the respective devices:

  • For the web: Under "Hardware" > "OBD Connector" you can view the steps and will be guided through the configuration.
  • For the Mobile App: Under "Vehicles" > "Device Setup" you can view the steps and carry out the configuration.

Optional - Step 5: Configuration of the electronic Driver's Logbook

If you are interested in testing the fleetster Logbook, you then need to assign the vehicles to specific drivers. To do this, go to "Logbook" > "Configuration" and select the vehicle to be assigned. Select the appropriate driver, click save, and the system is ready.

Now, as soon as a vehicle moves, you will be able to retrieve this information in the Logbook. Have fun testing.

How to easily set up Geotab from your mobile device

Sometimes it can be that fast and simple.

Within a few steps and taps within the installer App, vehicles with the Car Sharing Kit can be configured in the fleetster software.

Would you like to learn more about our telematics and Car Sharing solutions?

Contact us - our team of fleet experts will be happy to provide you with advice and support and will be happy to provide you with a live system for testing - including hardware.