Successful damage claim management in your fleet

By Malena Gaertner

Successful and cost-conscious fleet claims management places high demands on every fleet manager. Fleetster makes your daily work easier in the complex and sensitive area of fleet claims management.

The long task list of a fleet manager

fleetster supports you in your efficient claims management fleet.

Managing a fleet of vehicles involves countless tasks, including route planning, vehicle procurement, and fuel management. Accident prevention, climate protection, and social responsibility also play an important role.

For this purpose, each vehicle fleet represents an important expenditure block in the company and should be managed cost-efficiently. Our damage claim management software for your vehicle fleet saves you money, time and effort. You as the manager can concentrate on your core tasks, our software is your reliable partner.

Digital claims management

The Damage Management module is easy and intuitive to use.

Perfectly digitized fleet claims management means that all important information - involving all parties - is available immediately and transparently. In the module damage management motor vehicle you can enter all essential data of the damage recording easily and intuitively. New damages are recorded quickly and entered directly on a model.

Meaningful categories help you accurately record, prioritize and later analyze the damage, including cause, brief description, date of damage and driver. Detailed subcategories such as dent, scratch or paint damage further simplify the process. You can insert photographs and enlarge the images, as required. In this way, all damage is documented in detail and comprehensibly. You note details of the repair just as transparently and clearly.

We have a high level of expertise in the area of fleet management software. We build data models that are suitable for making extensive analyses. At the same time, we place great emphasis on a good user experience.

The damage claim Management App

A damage claim management app allows drivers to report damage quickly and easily.

For successful fleet claims management, you need to be informed immediately as soon as damage is detected on one of the vehicles. You need to be in the know, whether it's dirty seat covers or a missing light. Only then is good claims management possible. However, not all drivers report promptly and reliably.

To improve fleet claims management, we have developed a claims management app that makes it easier for drivers to record claims and significantly improves reporting reliability. The damage management app is uncomplicated. Similar to the program, drivers can report the damage, describe it, or upload photos. The documentation of the vehicle's defects is done with just a few clicks. If the damage has already been reported, it is visible at a glance.

The information is immediately forwarded to you, the fleet manager, allowing you to prioritize defects during claims processing, quickly order replacement parts from the repair shop, and reduce downtime. Once the claim is processed, the damage disappears from the app.

Good claims management is good risk management

Meaningful claims data helps you identify and minimize risks.

Good fleet claims management also means good risk management, as the data helps you with important analyses. Loss prevention means risk identification, avoidance and mitigation.

Fleet claims management data can help you identify risks. At its core, the best case scenario is that you can prevent claims from occurring. Do accidents happen mostly at the beginning or end of the week? How can they be avoided or mitigated? A precise cost analysis is useful for weighing up the risks. Do you have high bills due to parking damage? Is a driver assistance system worth it?

Once identified and analyzed, you can develop and implement measures to compensate for the risks. All your measures must be and remain sustainable. Using meaningful data, you can take simple steps to eliminate a large part of the causes. Today, good drivers are difficult to get and keep. Driver assistance systems (FAS), for example, can help, and you don't have to constantly monitor your drivers.


Digital claims management - whether it's theft, hit-and-run accidents, or parking damage - is automated, smart, and means significant cost savings. Digital claims management means you no longer have vehicle data and vehicle information in Excel spreadsheets or different file formats. You no longer have to file forms or documents in different places.

Digital fleet management with fleetster means transparency and control at all times, whether you manage a small fleet of mobile units or the huge mixed fleet of a logistics company. Not only is the information about repairs and damage connected, but all important information - from CO₂ emissions to fuel consumption to leases - is clearly displayed. You no longer have manual processes in your claims management fleet that are time-consuming and prone to errors.