Software for Damage Management

Why is damage management important?

All the operators need to know what's going on with their cars, who caused any damages and which damages were already fixed. Obviously, as cars are very expensive and they can potentially bankrupt a company, all damage reports need to be very detailed.

What is the challenge with Damage Management Software?

We thought a lot about how to make damage-management as convenient as possible for everybody and came up with our own solution. What is new now: We are actually going one step deeper where we are not only giving the users the possibility to clearly say what and where the damages on the vehicle are that they found, they can now on top actually go around the car and look at the damages that are already there. For this, we tried to structure all damages very clearly which is also very helpful for service purposes. For example, when the feet manager says “Hey, has somebody fixed the damaged 1040?” it should be very clear which one it is. This is why we are including pictures - we have now our first prototype ready where we are taking pictures of the cars and we're uploading them to our server. I probably do not have to tell you that this sounds much easier than it actually is. If the pictures are of too low quality you see nothing. Or would you see a scratch on a car on a picture which is smaller than your smartphone? And then the car might be underground in a car park, the user has no data connection.
Effectively this is one of the things where the obvious solution is simple but everything underneath is quite complicated. The most important part here is that afterwards, all information needs to be transferred to the fleet manager. So, the fleet manager can now look at his list and find the damaged car with all the information that was necessary for him. He can then decide if he has to take action or not. But anyway, the damage is already documented because that is what a digital process is for.

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