Digital Vehicle File

Entrepreneurs know the problem, the bigger a fleet is, the more piles of files and data grow, a challenge for the fleet management. No matter if TÜV reports, various expertises or leasing and sales contracts, the list of possible piles of files is long. But help is in sight with fleetster, because with it intelligent sales management is combined with the digital vehicle file. So everything becomes simple, clear and easy to handle.

The most important functions at a glance

1. All data at a glance

Accident pictures, invoices, policies, police reports or vehicle registration documents but also all other original documents can be optimally managed and filed. Excel tables and Outlook are finally a thing of the past. Paperwork is a thing of the past, experience the paperless reality now. Intelligent document management gives you access to all forms and documents at any time. The central archiving function guarantees you super-fast access to all forms or documents at all times.

2. Order and memory function

You will experience that it is now very easy to save your sales contracts and documents and to assign them to the respective vehicle.

3. The ingenious reminder function

There are many documents for which an appointment is necessary, so if you have stored an appointment for certain documents, you can simply set a push message as a reminder notification by e-mail. Especially when it comes to meeting the legal deadlines within the framework of the appraisal (Pickerl) according to § 57a, the reminder function is very helpful and makes planning much easier.

The possibility to store documents specific to the vehicle at any time

Under the "Documents" tab, it is very easy to name or simply file any number of documents for each vehicle created with just one click. This also makes work much easier. In this way, you ensure that all documents are collected and retrievable for each vehicle and can no longer be lost. Many administrative processes are required for vehicles, and the digital vehicle file always provides you with optimum support. If, for example, you would like to obtain an overview of procurement contracts, view the collected filing of all vehicle-related documents or allocate certain invoices, this is no longer a problem at all.


Test the rest of the fleetster fleet management solution as well. In addition to the digital vehicle file, there are numerous other functions that make your everyday life easier.

Save costs and time through intelligent fleet management

The intelligent document filing system makes it possible to maintain an exact overview of each individual vehicle and to assign newly added documents correctly and immediately.

If a clause needs to be looked up in the insurance document for a particular vehicle, this should of course not have to be laboriously searched for under a pile of papers. This is not the only reason why intelligent document storage is so important in contract and fleet management. A confusing, unruly flood of papers can not only accumulate avoidable costs in contract management, but also waste a great deal of time. For example, it is not uncommon for more kilometres to accumulate quickly if the leasing contract for a particular vehicle is not kept track of. Planning with an intelligent document storage system significantly increases efficiency and therefore makes a very decisive difference in fleet utilisation. Contract management and the digital file on the vehicle therefore not only ensure a quick overview of vehicle stock and expiring contracts, but also noticeably minimise the admini