Software Product Pricing

fleetster offers a mobility platform for fleets and CarSharer. Besides fleet management, car sharing and driver's license control, many other software solutions for companies are part of the fleetster portfolio. Here you can see an overview of the fleetster price packages.

Fleet Management

The fleet management module was developed to support fleet managers in digitizing all vehicle-related processes. All features aim at a reduction of uncompleted tasks and the process-automation to save time.

  • The PRO package supports fleet manager at their self-organization.
  • In the ENTERPRISE package, most features are aiming at a deeper integration of communication with drivers and external parties.

Corporate Car Sharing

Initially, we wanted to integrate electric cars into fleets. The software has evolved into something that is quite a bit bigger.

  • BASIC shall mainly replace Outlook, Excel or manual processes.
  • PRO was designed for motor pools that want to increase their utilization and financial accounting.
  • ENTERPRISE respects many requirements of large organizations.

Electronic Logbook

The Electronic Driver's Logbook from fleetster was developed for fleets. It differs from other providers, especially in terms of data quality, the fixed installation option in the vehicle and the deep integration in complex use cases, such as pool vehicle use.

The logbook can work with different data sources from the vehicle and is certified for tax office compliance * Included in this price are: 1.) One OBD Data-Plug (Geotab Go9) for rent, 2.) Shipping within Germany, 3.) GPS data contract, 4.) Geotab Connector Service and 5.) Logbook software. The Corporate Car Sharing software from fleetster is required for the pool vehicle booking.

Electronic Driver's License Check

Manual Driver's License Check The software takes over the reminders of users and guides the admin through a structured check process. All data is documented and access to pool vehicles is automatically prevented.

Driver's License Check via Photo To save time during checks, users can send photos of their driving license to the admin. The admin can then carry out the visual inspection in a web interface.

Driver's License Check including Hardware Add-on* RFID stickers can be attached to the driver's license and assigned to users. Our hardware components check the stickers at every key handover.

* The hardware options are not part of the price and need to be ordered separately.

Geo & Tracking

This module was developed for fleets, where professional drivers’ trips are directly tied to the company’s revenues. The software is mainly used to get live vehicle data and to document each trip properly.

  • In the BASIC version, vehicle locations become transparent, and admins can be informed about deviations from the plan.
  • The PRO version helps to analyse the usage to optimise routes and processes later.

Personal Consultation

Our fleet experts are available for a personal consultation. Benefit from the expert knowledge of our team and discuss open questions and uncertainties regarding the requirements of your fleet.