Spring Update

fleetster's Spring Update 2023

23. Mar 2023

It is time for the Spring Update! In this update, you will learn all about our newest product developments in recent months.

Highlights of the last months

In the last few months fleetster has again made extensive progress in software development. This year's spring update video includes all the highlights from the last few months. Of course, you can always find more news and information about the product updates comprehensively explained on our website.

Label system extended

The label system has been enhanced. It is now possible to assign a label to multiple objects in the system. This allows administrators to use labels for fleet management objects such as procurement, contracts, damages, invoices, service and repairs, fines, etc. Labels can be created individually and then assigned to a wide range of objects.

A label filter has also been added to the digital vehicle file, allowing an administrator to search for vehicles. The label function provides a convenient filter that allows fleet managers to combine labels and search by specific criteria from invoices, contracts, etc.


Vehicle booking rules improved

  • Expiration of the booking time can be determined: Administrators can decide how long it should take for a booking to expire. Bookings can expire if the vehicle is not picked up within a certain time, so vehicles that are not being used can be released sooner.
  • Assign user bookings: Bookings can be assigned to inactive users or users who are not allowed to book a vehicle. Booking managers can also use the function to assign a service booking to a regular user.
  • User-defined booking buffers: The administrator can set individual booking buffers. For example, a booking buffer of 72h after a one-way trip can be manually adjusted by an administrator at any time to increase the availability of the vehicle.
  • Automatic rebooking in case a vehicle does not arrive at the location: If the booked vehicle is not at the correct location due to e.g. cancellation of a previous trip, the booking is automatically assigned to another vehicle. At the same time, the user and administrator are automatically informed about any changes.


New functions electronic driverlog

The driver log has also been steadily improved. Improvements include:

  • Export personal logbook: Since some users may be assigned multiple company cars, a selected vehicle can be exported as part of the personal logbook export function.
  • Calculation of logbook costs: Driver cost calculation is a new feature for calculating employee benefits, allowing you to calculate the cost of each logbook trip.
  • Trip Log Travel Expense Statement: The administrator can choose whether the information about costs for a logbook trip is available or not.