Reminders - Fleet Management is available in fleetster!

22. Mar 2016 | By Tim Ruhoff

We have good news for fleet managers – fleetster has just released its new Fleet Management Software!

The latest feature – Reminders – lets the fleet managers set alerts for the important events regarding vehicles' maintenance, such as servicing, tire changes or cleaning. The release follows the launch of a Digital Car File, which is the core element of vehicle management software. “Reminders” is the second feature of fleetster’s brand new fleet management software.

Reminders have been developed as an answer to the needs of fleet managers, who face a common problem of an inefficient management of crucial events related to the maintenance of company's cars.

An easy, convenient, and flexible way of managing these events helps to increase the actual effectiveness in terms of their execution. Additionally, it allows fleet managers to spend more time on strategic tasks and improves the communication flow between the users and their fleet manager.

Convenient application - Among the core functionalities of the new feature, admins are able to select the service type and apply a corresponding alert for a specific car, a chosen group of vehicles or the entire fleet.

Flexible alert settings - Contrary to traditional method of planning vehicle-specific events with an Outlook calendar, it is possible to not only select the alert rules based on time, but also on the vehicle’s mileage.

Tailored notifications - To make sure both drivers and admins are notified, the feature provides an opportunity to send notifications both by email and SMS, leaving fleet managers free to choose the preferred method each time a new alert is set.

International adaptation - To meet the needs of the culturally versatile client base, the software is now available in four languages – English, German, Spanish, and Dutch. Other languages will be implemented in the near future.

Reminders are available in fleetster’s Mobility App Store – the core part of brand’s modular fleet management concept. The Mobility App Store enables users to activate the features – so called apps – of their interest. By allowing a remarkable degree of personalization, fleetster offers a highly-fitted product tailored to the specific needs of their clients. Being one of the first fleet management solutions for the cloud, it gives users the flexibility and convenience crucial for the effective vehicle management.

Test it now on our 30 day trial!