Reloaded 2022

fleetster Reloaded 2022 - Rewatch the evening event

1. Dec 2022

Our highlights this year: fleetster developed 6+2 new products during the covid period, including UVV checks, live reports with telematics data, and other innovations that support fleet managers and carsharing companies in their processes.

Reloaded 2022 - Post Covid Edition

This year we once again organized the fleetster Reloaded event and invited our partners and customers. Every year we use this opportunity to look back on what we have accomplished in the current year and to take a look at what we have planned for the next year.

This year we introduced several new products. If you missed the event and/or want to rewatch the presentation, you can watch the first half of the presentation here.

Relaoded 2022
Relaoded 2022