Product Roadmap 2021

Product Roadmap 2021

1. Feb 2021 | By Tim Ruhoff

2021 is the year of product launches at fleetster. The existing portfolio is developing noticeably. In order to get a high-level overview, we give you the product roadmap for 2021. If there are important features, that you would like to get an update on, sign up below to get the detailed Product Roadmap 2021.

fleetster releases 7 new products in 8 months in 2021

How is that possible?

In the past 5 years, fleetster has spent a large part of its capacity on project work for large strategic partners. Under the new circumstances that 2020 brought, everything changed. Many of our customers and partners were affected by Corona and had to reduce their innovation efforts and focus.

However, to every dark cloud, there is a silver lining. fleetster has taken the opportunity of newfound development capacity to invest in new products and fostering our B2B mobility platform.

Why these products?

fleetster's vision has always been and still is the development and expansion of eMobility. We want to leave the world behind a better place and have therefore started to incorporate emobility-features in our software platform as early as 2013. From there we developed further into the direction of car sharing, which is - until today - fleetster's fortress.

Over time, fleetster understood that companies are looking for more than just a car sharing platform. Their needs and requirements have evolved and the demand for one solution that offers it all - Driving Licence Check, Fleet Management, Tracking, Invoicing, and a Logbook - has emerged. fleetster, therefore, offers a one-stop-shop for company fleets.

Electronic Logbook - April 2021

The electronic logbook from fleetster helps you to fulfil all legal requirements coming from the German Tax authorities. Instead of logging all the company trips manually in a paper logbook, fleetster has developed a digital protocol that connects to an OBD-plug to automatically track all vehicle data points in an app. In that app you have the chance to keep track of your movements and categorize your trips according to their purpose (private, mixed, business) within 7 days after your trip, to comply with German tax regulations. What's crucial about these logbooks is their non-manipulability which gives proof to tax authorities that this is a valid document and qualifies for tax-deduction.

fleetster electronic logbook with motion detector and live locations
fleetster electronic logbook with motion detector and live locations

Driving Licence Check per Photo - May 2021

Fleet Managers are responsible to check the driving licences of all the employees that have access to pool cars or company cars. If not done properly, fleet managers might get into trouble. In Germany, for example, the Fleet Manager (!) can be held liable for all vehicles that he/she manages within a company fleet. So, if there is an accident happening involving one of the employees in a company car without a valid licence, the liability falls back to the fleet manager who is prosecuted personally.

fleetster offers the remedy with this simple Driving Licence Check software. Employees can be ordered to upload a valid driving licence image at a certain time and day (we recommend twice a year), which is briefly checked by a check manager online. If no valid licence is presented, the employee can neither make bookings nor pick up keys.

Driving licence check in the cloud from fleetster
Driving licence check in the cloud from fleetster

Fleet Management PRO - July 2021

The Fleet Management PRO was designed for small to medium-sized fleets. Fleet managers get software that maps the entire daily process and associated activities. In addition to an extensive digital vehicle file and associated document storage, you also get task management, in which you can enter appointments and reminders. So you never forget a tire change or a HU / AU.

There are a variety of other functionalities - our team will be happy to show you what they are and how they work.

flottenmanagement von fleetster
flottenmanagement von fleetster

Accounting for Public Car Sharing - August 2021

Public Car Sharing is a concept that becomes increasingly important around the world. There is almost no medium-sized city in Germany anymore, that does not have at least one kind of car sharing established in the city. It's often accompanied by a scooter, trotinette- or bicycle-sharing.

Public Car Sharing normally means many users sharing few vehicles. Many users mean many booking which results in a major administrative effort to collect all payments manually. Therefore, fleetster offers a billing, payment and accounting tool for Public Car Sharing companies that allows fleet managers to keep an overview of the whole process.

The idea behind fleetster's payment tool is to offer companies a flexible payment process that incorporates existing processes. Admins have the chance to edit and adjust each process and the actual payment process is only triggered when all data has been ticked as correct.

fleetster software screen with example of public car sharing
fleetster software screen with example of public car sharing

eVehicle Check - September 2021

The eVehicle Check is our contribution to make this world a better place. fleetster does this by fostering eMobility, which is one of the few solutions out there that will help us solve the CO2-emission problem in the long run.

The eVehicle Check runs analyses and algorithms on existing booking data per company. With this, fleet managers can check at all times how many and especially which combustion engine vehicles could have been replaced by electric vehicles.

In detail, fleetster analyses your covered distance, your driving and braking behaviour as well as the altitude profile of your trip per vehicle. From this information, fleetster deducts a virtual range and energy need from an electric vehicle.

Geo & Tracking - October 2021

Especially targeted at logistic companies in which vehicles move constantly and permanently, the Geo&Tracking module is designed at solving common problems such as tracking of fuel costs, productivity and theft.

fleetster offers a 360-degree overview of your fleet and gives insight into route documentation, route planning and GPS tracking. Make use of the Geofence-feature to set up notifications when vehicles exit or enter certain geographical zones. This can be used to inform customers about the exact departure time of delivery trucks or similar. The OBD-plug from our partner GEOTAB can be implemented in a large amount of vehicle brands and therefore has the power to automate almost every fleet out there.

What we build next

We believe that there are a lot of bicycles in companies (e.g. on factory premises), where it is important to keep track of them and to work as cheaply as possible.

Bike Sharing by fleetster does not require expensive hardware and can be operated with the help of a combination lock.
In the next expansion stage, Bluetooth locks will also be integrated, which will then further simplify the process