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Product Outlook 2022

Our foucs will be on enhancing our fleet management and green fleet features.

With our 360° product portfolio we now help fleet managers with all of their challanges

While our focus was on completing the excel killer last year, we need to go deeper into the fleet management features. It is a pervasive subject, and the integration of external services like gasoline cards, repairs, etc., will help fleets save significant costs and time.

In addition, we believe that importing or transferring data has to be as simple as possible. We will also invest a significant amount of time into simplifying various importer tools.

Our Green Fleet features will be free of charge

Until the world undercuts the target of 1,5C° global warming, we will offer our Green Fleet features free of charge. The only disclaimer is that the features will require a fleetster data plan, since they are all based on vehicle data.

The eVehicle Score is already live and can be tested.
We are planning to help fleets in all phases of their transition to Green Mobility:

  • Planning the charging-infrastructure
  • Selected the best cars for employees
  • Counting & Compensating for the CO₂ emissions of the remaining fleet
  • Motivating drivers to reduce their emissions through gamification

With all those measures fleetster should be a valuable support for companies who want to transition to Green Mobility.

fleetster offers Green Fleet software free of charge
fleetster offers Green Fleet software free of charge