mikar creates Local Mobility

1. Oct 2020 | By Tim Ruhoff

Expansion continues - fleetster-Partner mikar opens the next location of the successful CarSharing concept in Pullach

Exclusively for the citizens of Pullach and surroundings

mikar offers mobility solutions for municipalities, public institutions and companies. Their use cases range from sharing vehicles for residential complexes, to citizen vehicles for communities, to the management of large fleets.

Pullach is the next community whose citizens will now be provided exclusively with a Renault Zoe.

There mikar supersedes the recently cancelled project "lautlos" of the Deutsche Bahn, which is withdrawing increasingly from communities and puts the topic of CarSharing aside.

The electric car is parked in the underground car park at Pullach station, Münchner Straße. To make use of the service you can register at mikar.de