fleetster Mobility App Store

fleetster Mobility App Store

25. May 2021 | By Tim Ruhoff

Full customization of your fleetster system with complete cost control.

The fleetster Mobility App Store - the next highlight in the fleetster development history

The fleetster Mobility App Store has been existing since 2015. Until now, the tool has only been used internally by our team to upgrade or downgrade accounts.

fleetster already serves customers from Chile to Australia. The increasing international demand - as well as the increasing growth of our mobility platform - pushes us to give our customers maximum freedom in the software.

Our customers should be able to work with our system in a self-determined way, and not be bogged down in high training costs. Instead, we provide a fully functional, but clear, software with basic functions at the beginning.

Instead of having to call the fleetster Sales Team, with the development of the App Store you have the possibility to unlock and test features on your own. Our team is of course still available.

fleetster App Store is being developed
fleetster App Store is being developed

How does the fleetster Mobility App Store work?

The fleetster App Store will be made visible directly in your software system as soon as it has been completed. You can find it in your sidebar on the left side and can directly click your way into the system.

As soon as you need a new feature, just open the App Store in your sidebar and find the product that interests you.

In an instant, you will be presented the fleetster packages and bundles, and have the option to test the selected software package for 30 days.

For some options, you will be asked to order the necessary hardware as well - but the feature itself is active instantaneously - just like in the conventional App Stores (Play Store from Google, Apple App Store).