Mileage electric vehicles

28. Jul 2022

Where can I get mileage data for electric vehicles?

In any case, transmission via the fuel card is no longer necessary, because electric cars no longer have to go to the gas station.

Fleet managers know the quality of the odometer readings drivers must enter during the fueling process, but better bad data than none at all.

The situation is different for electric cars, where fleet managers no longer receive any data at all because the vehicles can be charged anywhere and mileage entry is not mandatory.

With fleetster, you can transfer the data automatically via a data plug or the CarSharing Kit. For pool vehicles, the transfer takes place after each trip and for company cars, the frequency can be specified.

With the increasing number of electric cars in fleets, more and more fleets should be looking for a solution.

eMobility in fleets
eMobility in fleets